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A labor challenge for construction recruiters?


The labor challenge for.. Recruiters? ??

A unique recruiting challenge in 2021 (that’s likely to continue in 2022) - companies are having a hard time recruiting and hiring Recruiters!

A recent article from Wallstreet Journal that’s received a lot of attention on LinkedIn stated that job postings for recruiters have more than doubled since the start of 2021.

If you’ve been following our construction labor weekly, we talked about the existing construction labor shortage that is likely to intensify in 2022.

??Fire & ??Oil - Construction labor shortage + understaffed recruiting teams

Companies unprepared for this unusual combination of challenges might be facing a very difficult 2022.

??Our prediction: Prepared Companies will defeat Unprepared Companies

We believe that the best thing companies can do to be “prepared,” is to have your recruiting teams set up to recruit SMART.

A practical solution: Recruit SMART

This Forbes article does a great job explaining the concept of working SMART. In short, are you concentrated and focused on achieving results?

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some ideas and tips to help construction recruiters on this topic!

What does it mean for a recruiter to work SMART?
A recruiter who’s processes, work activities, and tools are optimized to achieve recruiting results. As teams and as a company, the same concepts apply at a macro level.

What’s a first step you can take as a recruiter (or leader) to work SMART? ??

Get focused on what delivers results. To get results, you must eliminate waste and friction. You must slow down and critically assess how you utilize your time each day and how that leads to your individual or team results.

As a team or individual, answer the following questions:

  • What are the top three things I do in the week that consume the most amount of time but don’t lead towards results?

  • If I could magically eliminate one task in my week to help me achieve greater results, what would it be?

  • What recruiting task or activity, that used to help me in the past, isn’t delivering the same result today?

  • If I could automate or streamline one process or activity, how much time would I save a week (or my team)?

Share your results with us!

What did you uncover as a hidden source of waste or friction?

What are the biggest 1 or 2 problem(s) that you need to solve that you as a recruiter or as a recruiting team are facing as you go into 2022?