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Construction Labor Weekly - 11/15/21

This week's industry gems

?? The infrastructure bill includes $550B in public works spending.
By Road Dog Jobs analysis this will require an additional 110,000 workers annually.

?? Construction labor availability continues to plummet.
Total Available Construction Labor is languishing at nearly all time lows with a September of 35,000.

?? Construction unemployment rate is at 4%.
This is a 24-month low going back to pre-COVID October 2019.

What's new on Road Dog Jobs? 

?? Pay rate analysis. We analyze pay rate and per diem combinations by trades. We'd love to give you a fee evaluation on where you stack up.
Send us an email at hello@roaddogjobs.com and we'll let you know how competitive your rates are.

?? We're on Instagram! Check out the new account for the latest.

?? Road Dog Jobs introduced The Call List last week.
This opt-in list for job seekers lets our customers know who is looking for jobs right now. This list helps our customers know who's available for work today. This list is given to our customers as part of their plan - and it's gotten a great response from the job seeking community.

Are we heading for a construction labor apocalypse?

We wrote an article this week asking this very question. It's hard not to think that the construction labor market is about to tighten up dramatically. We're watching four (4) key pieces of information in evaluating the future labor market.
  1. Construction unemployment is already at 4% (historically low)
  2. Infrastructure bill spending will require an additional 110,000 people to do the work each year
  3. Non-residential spending is improving and gaining jobs
  4. Vaccine mandate implementation will add disruption to an already tenuous situation
Honorable mention #5 is today's inflation and the impact that it will have. A situation where labor is not available and rates are rising should be very concerning to everybody.

The key here is get ahead of this, because it's coming. We recommend three (3) steps:
  • Confirm your pay rates are competitive. Nothing turns off a job seeker like rates that aren't competitive. Review your rates. You don't need to be paying the absolute highest rates, but you do need to be competitive.
  • Make your job posts clear. In this market job seekers want to know what the job is paying. Keep this information at the very top of your job post. It'll save you time, it'll save the job seekers time and it'll be a good way to screen the people looking to apply to your jobs.
  • Get your jobs in front of the right people. Competitive rates and the right attention will get you results every time. At the same time, great jobs that nobody knows about will sit unfilled forever.

Our favorite reading from the week

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Have a great week everybody!