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Monthly Construction Labor Data Wrapup - June 2022


This is the best summary of monthly construction data available. You'll get a complete view of the construction labor market for this month. This edition is for June 2022.

The FREE report includes the following metrics:

  • Total Available Construction Labor (TACL) which is the best single measure of labor availability in the construction industry.

  • Construction Employment we look at the non-seasonally adjusted employment data and compare this month's employment against the same month from years past. This gives the most complete view of the construction employment since construction is a seasonal business.

  • Construction Unemployment Rate which shows on a non-seasonally adjusted basis what the unemployment rate in construction is.

  • Open Jobs which track the total number of open construction jobs. We look at this on a month-specific basis as well as a long term trend.

  • Total Construction Jobs Market which measures employment plus open jobs and gives a comparison of the total demand for construction labor

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