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TACL - Total Available Construction Labor - November 2021


Total Available Construction Labor (TACL) November 2021

Road Dog Jobs created the Total Available Construction Labor (TACL) metric as a macro view of labor availability in construction.

This is a data driven view of the construction labor market and specifically whether there are enough people in the labor market to cover open jobs.

TACL compares the unemployed construction workforce against open jobs in construction. Since unemployment rate is not seasonally adjusted, we use employment data that is also not seasonally adjusted.

A TACL that is greater than zero means there are more unemployed construction workers than open jobs.

A TACL that is less than zero means there are more open jobs than unemployed construction workers.

The result is a macro measure of whether the construction industry workforce has enough people in the workforce to fill open construction jobs.

Here are the highlights from the November Report:

  • In November 2021 TACL is 68,000 people.
  • This means there are more open unemployed workers (375,000) than open jobs (307,000).
  • In the past twenty-one (21) years, a TACL is the 2nd lowest number to November 2018 when TACL was 28,000
  • Over the past 21 years the average TACL for November was 492,000
  • This puts November 2021 at a near historic low
  • This is indicative of a tightening labor market and upcoming labor challenges

November 2021 TACL tells us that if all 375,000 unemployed construction workers took one of the open jobs, there would still be 68,000 construction jobs available.