Virtual Construction (VC) Engineer

Corbins Electric | Phoenix, AZ

Posted Date 12/04/2019

We are currently seeking highly motivated Virtual Construction (VC) Engineers to join our team.  Our VC Engineers transform 3D model content to 2D fabrication and installation sheet sets. Publish 2D drawings with accurate information for the use in our fabrication shop and for installation.


 Depending on specific work assignments, all or any of the below tasks may apply:

  • Work with the 3D models to create 2D drawings for prefabrication and installation under immediate supervision
  • Understand the required 2D content for fabrication and installation
  • Work with supervision to learn and understand the VC process and procedures as well as project specific requirements
  • Identifies the specifications and location of material
  • Identify model content issues and coordinate with VC team for needed corrections
  • Work effectively with VC and prefab team members
  • Competent understanding of Client policies and procedures


  • Knowledge of ANSI GD&T
  • Good problem solving abilities
  • Organized, systematic and competent to perform detailed tasks
  • Ability to follow direction and a desire to grow with the team
  • Technical knowledge of Mechanical systems, Electrical systems and Construction methodologies/processes via experience or education
  • Self-starter and motivated to work efficiently and affectively
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Diploma Courses or equivalent is required
  • Experience in CAD and detailing very helpful

This is a safety sensitive position and all applicable policies will apply.

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