Pipe Fitter

Ameri-Force | Norfolk, VA

Posted Date 2/14/2020

Summary/General Description of Jobs:

  • Candidate applies craft for layout, fit up. Installs and maintains piping systems on board ships, and submarines such as steam, heat, power, hydraulics, compressed air, sea water, freshwater and chilled water systems.
  • Welds various pipe items to support on-site installations, fits and assembles parts into complete assembly and verifies dimensions and alignment of assembly.
  • Participates as a team member on assignments for segments of a major project.
  • Interprets sketches and drawings to develop specifications for product to be fabricated or installed.
  • Keeps Production Manager or Team Leader advised of overtime hours needed to achieve schedule.
  • Conducts periodic spot checks for quality assurance on finished product.
  • Reads blueprints and engineering sketches to insure correct placements and measurements of assembly and welds.
  • Creates jigs and fixtures to increase quality and production.
  • Performs related duties as required.
  • Must possess knowledge and experience in planning layout of piping systems following blue prints allowing for conformance to specifications, holes, and obstructions.
  • Ability to measure cut and bore holes in bulkheads and decks for installation of piping.
  • Strong procedural knowledge of pipe bending and shaping, and knowledgeable in operating shop machines to cut and thread pipe and pipe fittings.
  • Ability to test installed systems utilizing hydrostatic or other comparable pressure testing means for system integrity after repairs or installation.
  • Thorough knowledge of types of piping materials to be utilized for installations based on drawing or blue printsW.
  • Work is performed indoors and outdoors. Outdoors work is subject to temperature extremes and inclement weather conditions.
  • Work hours are subject to change, with overtime work as required.
  • Subject to hazards that may cause personal bodily harm; diseases, cuts, bruises, burns, common colds, influenza, dust odors and elevated noise levels.
  • Responsible for making decisions relative to project assigned.

Job Requirements


  • DBIDS In-Hand
  • Journeymen pipe fitter with in depth knowledge and experience in planning, layout, cutting, fitting, assembly and pipe welding.
  • High school or Community College diploma or Technical Center Training graduat.e
  • Military Specialty School Training.
  • Pipe Welder background with a minimum of 5 years to the 6G position.
  • Apprentice graduate for pipe fitting.
  • Perform piping layout and triangulation.
  • Strong knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
  • Strong background in arithmetic and their applications as it applies to craft.
  • Knowledge and understanding of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods.


  • Must be able to pass a Silverbrazing Qualification Test.
  • Must be DBIDs Eligible; In Hand Pref.
  • Must be able to read drawings and blueprints to preform general Pipefiting duties and tasks independently.
  • Ability to prep various surfaces for welding procedures.

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