Construction Field Engineer

Phoenix Industrial | reno, NV

Posted Date 4/03/2019

Provides project planning, scheduling, procurement, and related technical and administrative support to lead individuals on projects. Works closely with superiors to support the overall needs of the project. May act as lead individual or project manager on small or simple projects (typically less than $200,000) with limited oversight and may act as lead individual or project manager on large projects with close oversight and interaction with superiors. Supports business development through completing material take-offs and obtaining vendor quotes. Prepares labor estimates for review by others.




Staffing and Equipment


• Support the enforcement of strict discipline on the jobsite with respect to safety and workplace practices as defined in Phoenix


policies and project requirements.


• Support the preparation and submission of time records to the office in accordance with Phoenix procedures and schedules.


• Support the completion of dispatch and or new hire paperwork.


Project Execution


• Thoroughly understand the scope of work, specifications, and drawings on assigned projects.


• Support the administration of the project budget under direction of the project manager or superintendent.


• Supports procurement for the project under supervision from project manager ensuring best value purchasing of materials,


equipment and subcontracts through competitive bidding and negotiation. Draft appropriate purchasing documents for issue


or approval by the office for the selected vendors.


• Prepare and maintain an overall project schedule and appropriate look-ahead schedules in Microsoft Project or approved


scheduling software.


• Participates in review of project cost reports bi-weekly for accuracy and reconciliation of inconsistencies or errors with the


home office.


• Participates in preparation of a monthly forecast-to-complete.


• Participates in the preparation of contract change orders under supervision of project manager.


• Participates in preparation of invoices in concert with home office and contract documents.


• When requested, review and approve invoices and pay applications from major project vendors.


• When requested, prepare and submit project reports and maintain files in accord with Phoenix procedures.


• Help identify out of scope work and follow Phoenix procedures to record, obtain approval, and execute the extra work.


• Prepare and submit project reports and maintain files in accordance with Phoenix procedures.


• Participate in the preparation and implementation of the project quality control plan.


• Maintain a daily diary or log of work activities, meetings, and significant conversations or verbal directions.


• Maintain close contact and good working relationship with customer representatives.






• Demonstrated knowledge of scheduling, reading drawings, completing material and labor take-offs, understanding


construction specifications, and using construction scheduling and drafting software.


• Must be able to perform each essential duty and responsibility satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to


enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


• Must have excellent communication skills and related team-building skills required to instruct, motivate, and manage field


employees and to communicate effectively with customers.


• Must work collaboratively in a team environment with a spirit of cooperation.


• Respectfully takes direction and adheres to feedback from Phoenix management.


• Maintains punctual, regular and predictable attendance in accordance with project and company work hours.


• Must be able to travel and complete extended assignments in the field away from home with regular time off to travel home.




• Bachelor degree in construction related major preferred or 3 years experience in construction, industrial or mining operations



Per Diem
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