Crane Operator

DIR Holdings LLC | Dickinson, ND

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Posted Date 7/03/2024
Description ProLift Rigging Co is a privately owned, purpose
driven industrial construction company that has a unique, opportunistic and
growth-oriented culture.

Our Mission

To be
the best the full-service rigging company by being dependable, innovative and

Best is:
• Loyal and growing customers that consider us the best
• Engaged and effective team members that align with our
• Esteemed by the participants in our industry

Our Core Values
• Safety - Evaluate risk, plan to mitigate it to protect
customers, our team, the public and property.
• Focus - Focus on the potential of our customers and fellow
team mates, working for their success as if our own success on the line.
• Ingenuity - Think about, discuss and implement ideas that
make us better.
• Stewardship - take seriously the opportunity to wisely
invest time, talent and capital for the benefit of others.
• Respect - Soberly respect others and the work we do. Both
• Diligence - Remember that any meaningful goal is achieved
through dogged persistence and staying engaged.
• Teamwork - We are a team that needs each members'
contribution to achieve our mission.


Assembles and installs supporting structures, rigging, hoist
and pulling gear

Attaches load to rigging to provide support or prepare for
moving using hand and power tools

Connects pulleys and blocks to fixed overhead structures
with bolts, shackles and clamps

Cleans and dresses machine and surfaces of component parts

Controls movements of heavy equipment through narrow
openings or confined spaces

Dismantles, maintains and stores rigging equipment

Manipulates rigging lines and hoist to move or support
materials, steel, concrete etc.

Selects gear, shackles and cables according to load size,
facilities and work schedule

Signals or gives verbal directions to workers engaged in
hoisting and moving loads to ensure safety of workers and materials

Tests rigging to ensure safety and reliability before
engaging in hoisting or lifting

Supervisory Responsibilities: Ability to respectfully
confront people when needed and lead through example

Other duties as assigned by supervisors

Preferred Qualifications:


Communication Skills

Reasoning Ability





Salary38.00 Hour
Crane Operator
Per Diem

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