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Posted Date 10/19/2021


Four years commercial/naval experience as a First Class Machinist. 

Recommended Skills: 

  • Familiarity with OSHA regulations relative to the shipbuilding industry. 
  • Installation of hull inserts. 
  • Familiarity with fasteners 
  • Ability to comprehend complex drawings, blueprints, diagrams, and sketches. 
  • Use of lapping and blue checking tools. Liner sizes/soft foot 
  • Working knowledge of shipbuilding terms and nomenclature. 
  • Operate lathe. 
  • Valve overhaul (steam and wog) 
  • AC & refrigeration repair. 
  • Installation of lift check valve. 
  • Steam plant cleanliness knowledge 
  • Air conditioning hydro. 
  • Installation of main engine, propulsion plant machinery and equipment. 
  • System cleanliness grade knowledge. 
  • Installation of aircraft elevator. 
  • Testing main engine. 
  • Hydrostatic testing. 
  • Installation of anchor windlass. 
  • Installation of mast and antenna. 
  • Lube oil flushing. 
  • Installation of arresting gear. 
  • Installation of noise equipment. 
  • Precision instruments. 
  • Installation of ballast tanks. 
  • Refueler. 
  • Drilling/tapping. 
  • Test boiler operations. 
  • Optical alignment. 
  • Hydrostatic testing of systems. 
  • Install boiler tube replacement. 
  • Installation of sea valves. 
  • System Grooming 
  • Operate boring bar. 
  • Installation of VALVE AND PUMP packing. 
  • Valve overhaul. 
  • Operate cargo crane. 
  • Operate portable milling/drill machine. 
  • Generator and steam turbine work. 
  • ALRE 
  • Pump/motor INSTALLATION AND alignment (M-179 & JX).
  • Operate centrifugal pump. 
  • Install turbine. 
  • Fit and blue check liners. 
  • Installation of condenser/heat exchanger tube. 
  • Operate watertight compartment. 
  • Flange makeup. 
  • Installation of deck ordinance. 
  • Installation of winch. 
  • Installation of steam valves. 
  • Installation of diesel. 
  • Installation of weapons elevator. 
  • Shafting and bearing work 
  • Distilling plant test. 
  • Installation of hydraulic components. 
  • Installation of low/high pressure air compressor. 
  • Installation of deck or hanger doors. 
  • Understanding of basic ship systems 

**Prior to employment, all new hire candidates must pass a background check and hair follicle drug test. 

Salary27.31 Hour
Per Diem
Per Diem Offered

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