Polk Mechanical Company | Dallas, TX

Posted Date 12/04/2019

Polk Mechanical is looking for the best and brightest in the market to join our high performing team. As a result of our unparalleled customer service and unique offerings our business is experiencing impressive growth and with growth comes great opportunity for those with the ambition to accomplish great things. A career at Polk is not just a job but an opportunity to join a family of people who care about each other and care about their customers. It’s no wonder our business and our team are growing.

Job Description

  • Select type and size of pipe and related materials according to job specifications.
  • Inspect worksites to determine presence of obstructions and to ascertain that holes will not cause structural weakness.
  • Plan sequence of installation to avoid obstructions and activities of other construction workers.
  • Assemble and install variety of metal and nonmetal pipe and pipe fittings, including those made of brass, copper, lead, glass, and plastic.
  • Join piping by means of threaded, caulked, wiped, soldered, brazed, fused, or cemented joints.
  • Secure pipes to structure with clamps, brackets, and hangers, using hand tools.
  • Install and maintain refrigeration and air-conditioning systems including compressors, pumps, meters, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, and piping.
  • Test piping systems for leaks by increasing pressure in pipes and observing gauges attached to pipes for indication of leaks.
  • Weld


  • Must have experience with pipefitting in Mechanical and HVAC Industry.
  • Work within precise limits or standards of accuracy.
  • Be familiar with cutting, bending and welding tools and techniques.
  • Possess a working knowledge of system or systems being installed, be able to interpret plans and specifications; and visualize objects in three-dimensions from plans and drawings.
  • Journeyman should have completed an apprenticeship or have four years of training experience in the practical installation of related systems and the usage of tools and equipment required for installation.


  • Vacation 
  • Paid Holidays
  • Career Advancement & Training Opportunities
  • Technician tool account
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401K
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

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