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Posted Date 3/14/2023

Assistant Project Manager Job Description     

At Mullins Mechanical and Welding (Mullins), the Assistant Project Manager (APM) reports to the Project Manager and supports them in various capacities. This individual’s primary responsibilities include assisting in the purchasing and delivery coordination of materials, and creating and revising project documentation (i.e., submittals, transmittals, requests for information (RFIs), requests for change (RFCs), billing and invoicing).

 The APM will also be a significant conduit of project information to the field and will collaboratively support superintendents, subcontractors, and technicians by procuring materials and equipment, assist in scheduling, sequencing and resolving scheduling conflicts, and utilizing project information to assist field personnel in completing their work. 


The APM’s primary responsibility during this phase is to support and, when appropriate, integrate into the collaborative estimating and design team through solicitation of bids, scope development, schedule and planning. Occasionally, the APM will need to walk job sites.

 After the initial review of the project, they will assist the estimator and PM in developing the preliminary cost budget, schedule, and documentation requirements.

Project Set Up

Upon project award to Mullins, the Project Management and Estimation teams attend an internal hand-off meeting to discuss the project details, roles and responsibilities.

 The APM is responsible for reviewing contract terms and conditions as negotiated to understand any areas of risk in terms of cost, scope, quality, schedule, customer acceptance and collaboration with the team on means and methods to properly manage risk.

Buy Out

The APM will assist the PM in performing the buyout for each assigned project - generating subcontract agreements and material purchase orders (POs).

 The APM is responsible for creating, distributing, and filing documentation for the project. Documents to be created may include submittals, requests for information (RFIs), subcontracts, and purchase orders.

Project Billings and Cost Management

Upon request by the PM, the APM will review subcontractor monthly pay applications and vendor invoices for accuracy and will support the PM and accounting team in resolving any disputes.

 Requests for Information

Upon request by the PM, the APM will generate Requests for Information (RFIs) and route them to the appropriate party. Responses to RFIs are distributed to field team members and subcontractors as applicable. 


Upon request by the PM, the APM will request and collect submittal documents from subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers, and send them to the project’s approvers (i.e. architect, engineer, owner). Materials and equipment should only be released with approved submittal.

 Change Management

Upon the PM’s request, the APM will assist the PM in developing and assembling the request for change. This may include gathering subcontractor quotes, vendor material quotes, and building the RFC pricing for PM review


Upon request, the APM will assist the PM in creating and managing the project schedule collaboratively with the project Superintendent/Foreman. Project schedules are to be updated no less than two times per month (more if necessary due to the complexity of the schedule).

 If a project’s schedule is impacted by an individual or organization, the APM will assist the PM in working collaboratively with team members, subcontractors and vendors to resolve delays.  Delay notices may be issued to legally notify the delaying party, record the cause of the delay, and any (potential) impacts to the project.  The APM will document and digitally record the transmission and receipt of delay notices.


The APM will assist and collaborate with the PM in creating monthly status and financial reports for all ongoing projects.  Monthly project reports are to include (at a minimum) up to date job costs and forecasts, current change log (Owner and Subcontractors), profitability analysis, schedule status, and a safety report.


As a project nears completion, the APM will assist the PM to effectively manage the closeout process.  This may include the following:

 Ensuring all required testing and quality control is performed in a timely manner and reported to the client.

  • Coordinating final project walk through with the Quality Control Manager to ensure any deficiencies are corrected and resolved
  • Providing closeout documents
  • Completing punch list items
  • Collecting and issuing warranty letters
  • Compiling O&M Manuals
  • Reconciling all outstanding RFCs
  • Resolving any outstanding vendor invoice errors
  • Preparing the final billing, including retainage billings
  • Implementing client satisfaction, reference letter and lessons-learned meetings

 Once a project is completed, the APM attends a close-out meeting with the President, Chief Operations Officer, Estimation, Project Management, Quality Control Manager, and Safety Manager to document and share lessons learned to assist in the planning and execution of future projects. Capturing historical data will be key for comparable analysis and accuracy of future estimating models.

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