Electrician 1st Class

Ameri-Force | San Diego, CA

Posted Date 11/16/2019
  • The Electricians are responsible for accomplishing work in accordance with work specifications safely, with the highest quality and in a professional manner.


  • Must be able to use basic tools and test equipment.
  • Must be able to follow directions from the lead Mechanic.
  • Must be able to accomplish an electrical motor test.
  • Must be able to identify electrical components inside a controller.
  • Must be able to identify the different types of cable used to be an Electrician.
  • Must be able to distinguish color code phasing (orange, brown, yellow, black, white and red).
  • Must have experience in shipyards; marine electrician


  • Must be able to pass a Standard Jaeger’s Test chart for near vision acuity reading J1 letters or equivalent with or without corrective aids and pass a color vision test using Ishihara’s Tests for Color Deficiency.


  • This position reports to shop supervisor.
  • This position develops and maintains a positive working relationship with other Electricians and supports a team approach in the pursuit of common company goals..


  • Assures that tank/compartment has an updated safe for hot work ticket and that requirements of the ticket have been met. (Example: ventilation, lighting, safety equipment etc.).
  • Assures that conditions of the tank/compartment have not changed since the ticket was written. (Example: fuel run back, unsafe working conditions, etc.).
  • Assures that a Work Authorization Form (WAF) ticket is on the job site and that it is for the specific job being accomplished, no work will be accomplished without a WAF posted at location of repairs.
  • Assures that any other safety issues are complied with that relate to the specific job being accomplished (Example: special staging, face shields for grinding, protective clothing for hot work-related jobs, breathing apparatus with correct cartridges, etc).
  • Assures that you are trained or qualified for the work you are assigned to do (Example: JLG, forklift, welding, brazing, special electrical/mechanical repairs and etc.).
  • Assures that you and personnel working under your direction are working as safely and as productively as possible maintaining quality control at all times.
  • Assures that a 30 minute cool down period has been accomplished in hot work areas.
  • Assures that the job site is left in a safe and clean condition prior to departure.


  • Responsible for effective, efficient and safe accomplishment of all assigned tasks.


  • Regular, reliable attendance on-site is an essential function of the job.
  • Occasional weekend work and / or extended hours.

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