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Posted Date 6/17/2024
Description Turner Industries Group is looking for Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians for maintenance work in the Pasadena, TX area.
  • Must be able to pass a background check and drug screen
  • 40 Hours, Overtime as needed
  • The successful candidate will be local - per diem and relocation are not available for this position
  • Must be well-versed in both Instrumentation and Electrical
  • NCCER Certification preferred
  • Electrical License required
General Job Description:

Conducts calibration of instrumentation both electronic and pneumatic, field and control room, and installation of instrument loops.

Functional Requirements:

Receives, inventories and catalogs instruments for calibration according to construction schedule; sets up calibration and loop files; checks on installation of instrument loops; coordinates and runs (or assists) in loop checks, to include checkout with computer as required; maintains installation and completion records; keeps loop drawings, installs air tubing and control tubing runs, works start up following start up procedures; inspects meters, indicators and gauges to detect abnormal fluctuations; test accuracy of flow meters' pressure gauges, temperature indicators, controllers, radiation counters or detectors and other recording, indicating or controlling instruments to locate defective components in the system; removes defective instruments from system and decontaminates, disassembles and cleans instruments and replaces defective parts; lubricates instruments and replaces defective wiring and tubing; keeps loop drawings, installs air tubing and control tubing runs, works start up following start up procedures.

Qualification Standards:
• One (1) to four (4) years of experience in specified skill (depending on mechanic level)
• Written pre-employment qualification test
• Post-offer drug/alcohol screen and physical evaluation
• Hazard Communication orientation/test
• Turner Industries Group, LLC indoctrination
• OSHA approved corrective eyewear (Z87)
• Job site orientation
• Job site safety requirements as required by the client (clean shaven, long sleeves, steel toe boots, etc.)
• Safety equipment as required by the client (hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, respirator, hearing protection,
safety harness with lanyard, etc.)
• Applicant/employee must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others in the workplace


Employee may be required to provide the following: tool box, tube cutters, blade terminating screwdriver, channel lock pliers, vise grips, center punch, screw driver, set if combination wrenches, adjustable wrench set, nut driver, small dikes, rain suit

Physical Involvement:

May be required to do the following: climbing ladders, scaffolds, structures, etc. above and below ground level; maintaining balance on ladders, scaffolds, structures, etc.; reaching in all directions; handling and manipulating objects and materials; coordinating the movements of eyes, hands and fingers to operate tools and equipment; lifting 30 to 50 pounds from ground level, waist level, and/or overhead; carrying objects, tools, equipment, etc.; standing / sitting; walking; pushing; pulling; bending; kneeling; crouching/squatting; seeing with or without correction; hearing with or without correction; wearing respirator and other PPE; typing / data entry; stepstool use; work in excessive heat; work in excessive cold; work in loud environment

Mental Involvement:

May be required to do the following: follow set procedures and standards; follow oral/or written directions; knowledge of federal, state and company standards and regulations; ability to read and write; ability to recognize and report safety hazards etc.; interpret written plans and blueprints; applying basic mathematical skills; planning work and selecting proper tools; comparing and understanding differences in the size, shape and form of lines, figures and objects; picturing and evaluating solid objects from drawing or diagrams using standards that can be measured or checked; ability to communicate with others effectively; ability to work in a team and get along with others; ability to learn new tasks; remember processes, maintain focus, and complete tasks; ability to remain calm under pressure; manage time and expectations across multiple projects; ensure that work is done in a consistent manner and in compliance with directions

Work Environment Factors:
• Location: industrial maintenance and construction sites
• Mobility Barriers to Access Job Site: uneven ground level; obstructed pathways; work performed at low and/or high elevations; work performed in confined areas
• Climatic/Environmental Conditions at Job Site: predominately outdoor climate; may be exposed to extreme hot or cold weather, excessive humidity, rain, etc.; various noise levels caused by tools, machinery, equipment, etc.; potential exposure to chemical substances

Turner Industries is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and/or protected veteran status in accordance with governing law.

Salary40.00 Hour
Per Diem
Per Diem Offered

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