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Posted Date 5/13/2024
Description Salary : $42,910.40 - $59,196.80 Annually

Location : 3181 N. Lear Ave. Casa Grande, AZ

Job Type: Full Time

Job Number: 24-033

Department: Public Works

Opening Date: 05/13/2024

Closing Date: Continuous


GENERAL PURPOSE: Under close supervision, performs skilled and semiskilled work of average difficulty in the operation of a variety of equipment and manual labor tasks in the Public Works Department.

NOTE: this position is an internal and external recruitment. We currently have two (2) vacancies. One (1) is at our Water/Wastewater Facility and one (1) is at our Landfill. Position will remain open until filled with a first review date in 2 weeks from date of opening.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties ARE NOT intended to serve as a comprehensive list of all duties performed by all employees in this classification, only a representative summary of the primary duties and responsibilities. Incumbent(s) may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be required to perform additional, position-specific duties.

  • Performs a variety of Public Works Department equipment operation and manual labor tasks as assigned.
  • Operates a variety of trucks and equipment in accordance with all safety regulations and procedures.
  • Maintains heavy equipment by conducting daily safety inspections of equipment, cleans and performs routine maintenance work on trucks and equipment; identifies and reports mechanical problems requiring additional repair.
  • When assigned to Solid Waste, collects waste from containers by following assigned route, operating heavy equipment to pick up containers, emptying and transporting containers back to original location, picking up and disposing of debris and bulky items; provides assistance with other routes, cleans facilities, delivers containers to customers, cleans inside of refuse containers, and providing information to customers as needed.
  • Completes required daily logs and reports.
  • Hauls materials, and transports vehicles and equipment to job sites using various trucks.
  • Loads and unloads materials using power equipment.
  • Performs skilled and semiskilled construction, maintenance and labor work.
  • Assists in resurfacing, oiling and patching, and grading and shaping roads.
  • Operates power equipment to collect trash and refuse.
  • Aids in emergency and storm related activities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required.
Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience:
High School diploma or GED equivalent, and one (1) year's experience driving trucks and operating equipment.

Special Requirements: May require possession of a valid Arizona Commercial Driver's License Class A with tanker endorsement.
Supplemental Information

Necessary Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of City policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of safety standards and practices.
  • Knowledge of traffic laws and rules involved in vehicle and equipment operation.
  • Skill in safe and efficient operation and maintenance of trucks and equipment according to standard operating and safety procedures.
  • Skill in following and effectively communicating verbal and written instructions
  • Skill in following and effectively communicating verbal and written instructions.
  • Skill in providing quality customer service and stay calm during difficult customer situations
Physical Demands / Work Environment: Work is performed outdoors and in Public Works and City facilities including in roadways and areas of high motor vehicle traffic.

The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as needed.

The City does not hire at the top of the range. Candidate may start above the beginning of the range depending on qualifications.

This is a general summary of benefits afforded City of Casa Grande employees. The information contained herein is not exhaustive, is not a contract, and is subject to change at any time without notice. Specific current benefit information is available from the Human Resources department. Questions about this information should also be addressed to the Human Resources department. This information generally applies to regular full and part time employees.

HEALTH, DENTAL AND VISION INSURANCE: The first of the month following 30 days of employment, employees are eligible for insurance coverage. The cost of employee health, vision and dental insurance is paid by the City. Employees may cover eligible dependents with the City paying one-half of the expense and the employee paying one-half.

LIFE INSURANCE: The city covers the cost of employee life insurance coverage. Employees earning more than $20,000 per year have a life insurance benefit of 50% of their annual salary .The basic employee life insurance benefit for employees earning less than $20,000 per year is $10,000.

SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE: The City allows several types of supplemental insurance offered by companies to employees through payroll deduction. The City does not endorse these products, which include supplemental life, accident, short-term disability, cancer, intensive care, legal services and identity theft.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE: All City employees are covered for on-the-job injuries through worker's compensation insurance. Premiums for this coverage is paid by the City and are based on payroll.

COMMUTING INSURANCE: Employees are automatically covered when traveling to and from work in the event of catastrophic injuries resulting from an accident.

RETIREMENT PLANS: City employees are assisted in planning for retirement in several ways. All employees, except firefighters, contribute a mandated percentage of their gross wages to the Social Security System and a Medicare tax, which is also matched by the City. In addition, all regular City employees are enrolled in a retirement plan, Public Safety Retirement for police officers and firefighters, and the Arizona State Retirement System for all others. The employee and City contribution rates are as follows:

Plan Employee Contribution City Contribution
State Retirement 12.22% 12.22%
Public Safety (Police) Depends on membership date into Retirement System
Public Safety (Fire) Depends on membership date into Retirement System

457 DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN: The City also offers a voluntary 457 Deferred Compensation Plan through ICMA Retirement Corporation. The City does not match employee contributions.

SHEAKLEY FLEXIBLE BENEFITS: Qualified expenses, such as dependent insurance premiums, dependent care and health care expenses can be deducted directly from your paycheck and claimed for reimbursement when used. These deductions are taken before taxes, reducing your taxable income.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free, confidential counseling to employees and their immediate family members.

LONG-TERM DISABILITY PROGRAM: Employees enrolled in the Arizona State Retirement System pay premiums to be covered by the System's Long-Term Disability Program (LTD). Benefits are provided to qualified members who are unable to work due to a disability after six months.

HOLIDAYS: The City of Casa Grande observes ten holidays each year, including one floating holiday.

PAID TIME OFF: All regular, full-time and eligible part-time employees will accrue/earn Paid Time Off (PTO) beginning on the employee's first day of employment with the City. Employees are eligible to utilize accrued/earned PTO immediately. There is an annual graduated accrual schedule, capping at 12 years. Regular part-time employees who work less than full-time but more than 1040 hours per year shall accrue PTO at a rate of 3.077 hours per pay period worked.

FAMILY DEATH LEAVE: The City has a policy, which allows time away from work in the event of the death of a family member as defined by our Personnel Policy.

MILITARY LEAVE: The City grants military leave in accordance with the provisions of State law.

JURY LEAVE: Employees required to serve as a juror shall be entitled to leave according to the provisions of the Personnel Policy.

FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT (FMLA): Eligible employees are granted up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period according to the law.

PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT: Employees may have their paychecks deposited directly into checking or savings accounts at their bank through the direct payroll deposit plan offered by the City.

CREDIT UNIONS: City employees may participate in credit union membership through payroll deduction. Local credit unions have payroll deduction slots and employees may make savings or checking account deposits or have loan payments deducted through payroll deduction authorization.

SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT PROGRAM: Each month, employees may request and take two hours off with pay to volunteer their time in classrooms or at other qualified school programs. Employees do not need to have children in school to participate in this volunteer program. A School Involvement Program form must be filled out by the employee and signed by a teacher or administrator from the school in which the volunteer activity took place.

UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT: Equipment and uniforms provided to employees varies by department.


Do you possess a valid Arizona "Class A" Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with a tanker endorsement?
  • Yes
  • No
Salary24.55 Hour
Equipment Operator
Per Diem

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