EHS Manager

TRS Craft Services | Goose Creek, SC

Posted Date 5/22/2020
Description 1. Assists employees and staff management to understand OSHA regulations and standards, including guidance on handling OSHA compliance, inspections, and citations.
2. Investigates injuries in conjunction with employees and staff personnel. Notifies management staff with pertinent details.
3. Maintains, posts, and reports OSHA logs for all locations.
4. Develops and assists with 5S implementation and standards.
5. Main POC for all worker’s compensation cases including first response, physician visits, liaison with insurance carrier, government reporting, etc.
6. Drives injured employees to receive medical attention after accidents and incidents.
7. Drives post-incident employees to receive drug screens.
8. Develops and reports all necessary government EHS documents for the organization.
9. Evaluates hazardous conditions and practices and develops hazard control practices and programs.
10. Guides and assists plant personnel at locations with safety and health issues.
11. Implements and maintains a first responder program, including ongoing training.
12. Maintains certification as a First Responder and acts in that capacity as needed.
13. Overviews company accident statistics and makes recommendations for corrective actions.
14. Keeps apprised of developments in federal and state safety laws likely to affect the company.
15. Prepares written emergency preparedness plans for the facility that incorporates OSHA and EPA requirements, and national and local fire protection codes.
16. Evaluates and improves costs associated with safety equipment.
17. Conducts and oversees training related to Use of Overhead Cranes, Forklifts and Mobile Equipment.
18. Develop Daily and Weekly Safety Topics for dissemination to all Plant Personnel.
19. Routinely updates Safety Related Metrics for the CHRO.
20. Assists with corrective and preventive actions as necessary to resolve issues related to Accidents and Equipment Failure.
21. Report investigation findings to the CHRO.

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