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Posted Date 3/17/2023

Pay: $38.00/Hour_____Per-Diem: $120.00/Day


Required Skills: 
1.Single Pass Tack Welding. 
2.Burning-Oxygen/Propane Burning Torch. 
3.Heating-Oxygen/Propane Heating Torch. 
4.Ability to comprehend complex structural assembly drawings, blueprints, and sketches to include weld symbols, material types, datum and reference lines. 
5. Ability to comprehend fractional dimensions as with the use of a ruler. 
6. Ability to layoff piece parts for fabrication and assembly. 
7. Ability to assemble structural piece parts in accordance with specifications in a quality manner. 
8. Experience working in a physically demanding environment (shipbuilding, steel fabrication, etc.). 
9. Familiarity with OSHA regulations relative to the shipbuilding industry. 
10. Use vibratory tools (grinders and needle guns). 

Optional Skills: 
1. Rigger/Material Handling 
2. Optical instrument experience (Level, Transit) 
3. Shipwright / Erect & Set experience. 
4. Tank Testing 
5. Air Carbon Arc Gouging 
6. Mobile equipment operation (JLG, Scissor Lift, etc.) 

Tack Welding Qualification: 
All Shipfitters will be required to pass a Single Pass Tack Welder Qualification Test upon reporting for the first day of work. This test will be: 
A. Using the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Process. 
B. With MIL-10718-M (A-5A) Filler Metal of MIL-E-22200/1. 
C. In both the Vertical Up (3F) and Overhead (4F) positions. 

The Welding School will administer the following tests: 
A. Single Pass Tack Weld consisting of: 
• One (1) hour practice 
• One (1) hour Vertical test 
• One (1) hour Overhead test 
B. Visual Inspection of Weld Level I 
• Six (6) hours. 

Salary38.00 Hour
Per Diem
Per Diem Offered
Per Diem Amount
Hrs per week
Project length
24 Months

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