Traveling Installations Technician Supervisor - Per Diem

Industrial Engineering Solutions | coventry, RI

Posted Date 6/07/2021

You are required to carry out PPM and Breakdown maintenence of all automated warehouse equipment and machines onsite including product system faults, mechanical machinen failures, roller and bearing changes and pneumatics. required to carry out installation, maintenence of a variety of machinery to distribute and store products and modification to mantain building and premises. These machines include conveyor, sorting machines, picking stations, tote and pallet crane retrieval systems, constructor tornado vertical towers, paernoster carousels. Supervising installation teams of 2-6 people. Reading various prints and drawings, CAD.

Applicant should be a technician with mechanical background. you should have knowledge and experience of installing and mantaining automated warehouse equipment, conveyors (essential), vertical towers, carousels, and storage cranes. you will have the ability to supervise other employees and subcontractors. You are required to have good communication skills to effectively communicate with work collegues and management. you are required to be self-motivated and be able to work without supervision. Clean license and willing to work away from home for extended periods of time. We travel all 50 states and at times to other countries.

Compensation -

Hourly rate - EXCELLENT RATES OF PAY (Will be reviewed after 3-month probation period)

  • Working hours are generally as follows: o 10 hrs, 0700-1730 Mon-Fri (30 mins unpaid lunch) o 8 hrs, 0700-1530 Sat. (30 mins unpaid lunch) o Standard hours are paid for the first 40hrs. ? Overtime (x1.5) will be paid for the remainder.
  •     o The Standard working week is logged Sunday-Saturday. o Hours must be submitted by Monday to be paid on the Friday. ? Failure to submit hours will result in non- payment that week. 401(k) o Each Employee will have the option to enter the company 401(k) plan, terms and conditions will be available upon request. ? The plan includes a safe harbor match and the company will match 1% of every employee contribution of 1% up to 3%; and ? Then 0.5% per 1% up until a 4% max. o Entry requirements, 21 years or older and 3 months service.Healthcare and benefits
  • - IES offers group healthcare insurance, dental plan, vision, and other benefits for full time employees who have completed 60 days of employment.
  • Flights - IES will book and pay for all flights unless agreed otherwise. - 2 hrs prior to departure time plus total flight time will be paid up to a maximum of 8 hrs. Driving - Mileage will be paid at $0.50/mile to the owner of the vehicle plus the time a direct flight would take. o Mileage will be capped at 1250 miles. o Passengers can claim only the time a direct flight would take.
  • Per Diem - IES will book and pay for all Hotels unless agreed otherwise. o For each night in a Hotel $50.00 can be claimed by the employee within their weekly hour’s submittal. Tools - IES will provide gang boxes and power tools for each job, unless otherwise agreed.
  • - IES expects each employee to supply a tool bag with hand tools.
  • - Each employee is responsible for ensuring the return of all IES’s tools. o Loss of tools may result in the employee’s replacing like for like.
  • Clothing - IES will provide work clothes, this will include work trousers, shirts (either IES or IES’s Customers) and Jackets. - Safety boots will be provided by the employee. - IES will provide all other safety equipment.
  • Company vehicles and Rental Cars - IES owned vehicles and rental cars (booked by IES) are covered by the company insurance only with the company’s permission.
  • - If the rental is booked in the employee’s name, then the employee must gain adequate insurance.Screening
  • - Your offer of employment is contingent upon the satisfactory outcome of a personal background check which, depending upon your position, may include professional references, verification of previous employment and education, criminal background check, drug screening, review, and acceptance of the IES Employee Handbook, execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a department of motor vehicles (DMV) check, and/or a consumer credit check.
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