Pipe Welder - Per Diem - Actively Hiring During COVID-19

C.A. Jones, Inc. | Newport News, VA

Posted Date 5/22/2020

C.A. Jones is seeking 1st Class Marine Pipe Welders for work in Norfolk and Newport News, VA

Candidates must be able to pass weld testing prior to start. Needs are immediate.

We Offer

  • Competitive wages plus per diem for qualified non-local candidates
  • Overtime (as-needed basis)
  • Holiday Bonus, Vacation Bonus
  • Medical / Dental Insurance
  • 401k



  • Remove slag and rough spots from work pieces by operating grinders or scrapers to ensure smooth work surface
  • Employ their knowledge of metallurgy to determine materials and equipment most suitable for a welding project
  • Clean and prepare work pieces using chemical solutions etc. to remove foreign matter such as grease, rust etc.
  • Use heating furnaces to preheat metal pipes prior to welding or bending
  • Fill holes, cracks, and dents on metal work pieces or pipe products
  • Use micrometers, calipers and other precision measuring instruments to check gap allowances, grooves or angles
  • Control and turn valves or regulators to adjust flames and ensure proper use of welding gas
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, and hearing protection) and ensure compliance with established health/safety regulations
  • Troubleshoot a piping system and conduct diagnosis to identify and fix pipe problems.


  • Must be able to pass GTAW testing
  • Knowledge of welding techniques (oxygen-acetylene, electric arc, and TIG), tools and equipment
  • Must have a minimum years of on the job pipe welding experience to be considered
  • Technical training preferred
  • Knowledge of and ability to use hand tools and instruments associated with the trade
  • Must be able to work effectively with others
  • Comprehend blueprints, sketches, and templates
  • Enter and move through manholes to reach and work in internally confined spaces
  • Must be a steady, reliable worker
  • Must be able to compared and follow simple instructions

Please e-mail your resume for consideration.

Per Diem
Per Diem Offered

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