Marine Electrician/Fishing Vessel

American Seafoods | Seattle, WA

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Posted Date 12/21/2023
  • Responsible for assisting the Chief Engineer and all other departments of the vessel as necessary in the operating, maintaining and repairing of all vessel Electrical systems and processes:
    • Electric generating systems
    • Heating and ventilation systems
    • Vessel House systems
    • Consumer installations
    • Frequency inverters
    • Factory PLC controls systems and automated processing equipment
    • Fish Catching systems
    • Electrical and electronic systems
    • Knowledge of Kongsberg systems
  • Support all ASC policies and company philosophies
  • Attend and participate in all company sponsored training programs as well as outside training in management or engineering related courses
  • Communication is key. ASK when you need help or when something is beyond your knowledge
Maintain and update Electrical parts inventory and ordering

Skill and Experience Required

  • Must be to troubleshoot all Electrical systems as indicated above
  • Must be able to read ISO Electrical drawings
  • Desired knowledge of factory trawlers electrical equipment, and sequential automated processing
  • Must possess excellent teamwork and assistant abilities
  • Competent participant in vessel's abandon ship, fire-fighting and man overboard drills
  • Ability to interface in a cooperative and businesslike manner with company vendor representatives, shipyard representatives and outside contractors
Physical Ability:

  • Ability to pass a pre-employment and random drug tests
  • Must be capable of boarding and exiting a vessel without physical assistance by climbing up and down a gangplank or using a Jacob's ladder
  • Must climb or descend one or more set of steep stairs, or vertical ladders inside and outside the vessel in all weather conditions as extreme as 30 degrees below zero
  • Ability to work in confined spaces
  • Must be 18 years or older
Work Schedule:

12 hours or more per day for the duration of the trip, including loading and unloading

Ability to work at sea for extended periods of time

Perform tie-up, shipyard and in-port work for required maintenance as directed by ASC management on a 12-hour per day schedule.

Pay: Estimated earnings of $13,500 per trip before taxes (Average is two trips per month)

Salary78.49 Hour
Per Diem

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