Continuous Improvement Leader

Blattner | *Avon, MN - Corporate Office

Posted Date 6/27/2019

Reports to: Manager of Construction

Benefit Classification: Salary, Exempt

Education Requirements: A four-year degree in management, engineering, or methods/process improvement related education and experience. Lean Principle certifications a plus.

Experience: At least 5-7 years of experience in leading and supervising in a construction or manufacturing related environment. Have demonstrated leadership and supervision abilities to teach and develop construction supervisors; experience in individual process improvement and developing efficient construction means and methods. Shall have a demonstrated capability of recognizing inefficient processes and the experience and ability to generate ideas and provide training around improvement of processes, systems and methods.

Position Summary: This individual is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and optimizing Blattner’s construction processes. The individual will assist in identifying and eliminating waste due to transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over processing, over production, defects, and under-utilized employees within the shipping, receiving, procurement and construction process in an effort to optimize the process and enhance value (Safety, Quality, and Productivity) to the employee, project team and company. Individual will work with both the onsite construction team and the corporate team focusing on continuous improvement of the Blattner construction processes.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Brainstorm, Identify, develop and implement continuous improvement initiatives.
  2. Act as an educator to the organization around lean construction, lean production and continuous improvement.
  3. Calculate potential and actual cost to be used in process improvement evaluation.
  4. Work closely with General Superintendents and project site teams to develop understanding of current construction methods and processes of installation.
  5. Identify wasted resources within current construction methods and processes to include unnecessary manpower, equipment, movement, steps and time.
  6. Evaluate and optimize the performance of an entire value stream by identifying the greatest opportunities to reduce lead times while balancing resources.
  7. In collaboration with General Superintendents, develop revised methods and processes to eliminate wasted resources and improve value (safety, quality, efficiency and cost).
  8. Research the current industry and explore upcoming advancements for opportunities to improve Blattner methods and processes.
  9. Communicate with Blattner estimating and procurement team to identify cost savings opportunity both in construction processes and material and equipment selection.
  10. Investigate and understand current market processes, methods and approach to construction methods, process and labor efficiency.
  11. Hold brainstorming sessions in the field, project office and corporate office to gather information needed for continuous improvement management processes.
  12. Train field personnel in essential Lean improvement methods including; value stream mapping, implementing and maintaining a 5s visual workplace, achieving stable production schedules with “as-promised” delivery performance using pull planning.

Additional Job Functions

  1. Performs additional assignments per supervisor’s direction.
  2. Seeks ways to improve departmental effectiveness by eliminating unnecessary tasks, increase the use of technology, etc.
  3. Identify opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste in order to improve efficiency.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent communication and people skills, as well as interpersonal and collaborative skills at all levels within the organization and clients. Must be able to articulate clear and concise messages including translating technical material when necessary.
  • Possess good understanding of applicable OSHA regulation for construction projects.
  • Must possess the leadership skills and experience necessary to train and develop others on methods and processes.
  • Must be knowledgeable of construction processes.
  • Understanding of lean construction philosophy with principals and ideologies.
  • Competent with computer programs (MS Office) and analytical tools.
  • Ability to maintain an acceptable driving record.
  • Extensive travel is required.

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