First Class Marine Electrician For Shipyard in Louisianna - Appox Average Gross Pay - $1500 per week

Fugue Lauman | Lockport, LA

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Posted Date 6/17/2022

Seeking experienced Marine Electricians shipyard in Lockport, Louisiana

Hourly pay: $20.00; Per Diem: $100 (must provide proof of residence outside of 70 miles of job location to receive the per Diem). Contractors will be required to work a minimum of 5 days, 11 hours per day and open to more hours if needed.

  • Prior to skill test, candidate must have all personal PPE
  • Must have personal transportation to Louisiana and to and from the job site
  • I-9 documents of your choice to verify you are authorized to work in the US
  • 5 years' shipyard experience as well as 5 years' Marine Electrician experience
  • Must be able to pass drug test, complete the required Osha medical clearance and Fit respirator test prior to the skill test. (Clean shaved)

Guaranteed a minimum of 55 hours a week

Contract is potentially *Long-Term

  • Approximate Gross Pay Average Range: $1500 per Week (average based on 55 hours per week at $20 per hour plus $100 per diam (based on 5 days worked)
  • Affordable Housing Option Included for a weekly rate of $100.00 (If you choose the affordable housing, the $100.00 cost per week (7 days) would be removed from the per Diem every payday and continue for the length the employee remains on the contract)
  • Fugue Lauman covers the cost of the accommodations only, for (up to) 2 (two) days during the interview and skills testing process.

*Per Diem allowances~$100.00; per Day *(Paid for working days ONLY)

Salary20.00 Hour
Per Diem
Per Diem Offered
Per Diem Amount
Hrs per week
Project length

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