Strom Engineering | Minnetonka, MN

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Posted Date 8/04/2022

Summary:  Sets up and operates multi-axis computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines to perform any combination of machining operations

such as cutting, drilling, milling, reaming, under rigid inspection requirements requiring close tolerances.

and boring of metallic and nonmetallic materials and parts with a high degree of quality




1.     Mounts, secures, and indicates fixtures and workpiece on machine; Selects and installs cutting tools in machine.


2.     Calls up specified program, loads control media such as disk in machine, or enters actual programming code commands as required.


3.     Calculates and sets machine controls to position spindle in relationship to workpiece and to regulate factors such as cutting depth and speed;

 May perform preliminary dry run.


4.     Monitors displays, coolant flow, and machine operation; Establishes offsets.


5.     Verifies conformance of machined workpiece to specifications using height gages, surface plates, dial gage, micrometer, calipers, and gage pin;

 Verifies gages are in working order; Records process data on router accurately.


6.     May operate manual mill to ream and countersink holes.

Salary30.00 Hour
Per Diem
Per Diem Offered
Hrs per week
60 min
Project length

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