Pipe Welder

Ameri-Force | Norfolk, VA

Posted Date 2/14/2020
  • Have a working knowledge and understanding of welding standards, such as Tech-Pub-278, Tech-Pub-248, MIL-STD-1689 and proper joint designs IAW MIL-STD-22D.
  • Have the ability to weld all types of materials, to tig and stick, weld plate, pipe including piping joints such as sockets, butts,E.B rings, backing rings and open butts.
  • Have experience with various metals such as cuni, monel, stainless steel, alum and carbon steel/cromoly.
  • Be able to set up and operate welding machines such as SYNCHROWAVE 250 and POWCON ST-300.
  • Be able to trouble shoot problems with tig lines and machines.
  • Be able to weld with the use of a mag-base mirror for tig and stick.
  • Have the ability to utilize Metro PCP 912-04 for P-I piping.
  • Must have experience with thin wall and heavy wall welding using various metal types.

Job Requirements:

  • Must have 5 years shipyard experience.
  • Must be able to pass a pre employment background and drug screen
  • Must successfully pass a pipe weld test facilitated by client
  • MUST BE DBIDS ELIG; In-Hand Pref.

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