Aluminum Shipfitter ($120/day Per Diem + Travel Bonus)

Ameri-Force | Warren, RI

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Posted Date 8/10/2022

Job Requirements:
• Minimum 5-years experience in the shipfitting trade.
• Highly skilled in handling lay out and fabricating metal structural parts, such as plates, bulkheads and frames.
• Able to roll, bend, flange, cut, and shape plates, beams, and other heavy metal parts using plate rolls, presses.
• Able to work from blueprints or templates and use scribe and hand tools.
• Must have knowledge of all power tools and related tools utilized in the shipfitting trade.
• Skilled in tack welding aluminum
• Must complete shipfitting project in a timely manner with focus on quality.
• able to operate small overhead cranes
• rigging experience – a plus
• Must be familiar with all safety procedures and guidelines, and comply with all company policies and regulations.

Required tools for Subcontractors:
                hardhat, safety glasses & work gloves
                angle grinder
                adjustable wrench
                25 foot tape measure
                50 foot tape measure
                plumb bob
                adjustable square
                bevel square
                18 inch level

Salary24.00 Hour
Fitter (Ship/Sprinkler)
Per Diem
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