Substation Construction Electrician I, II, III, IV or JL

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. | Sidney, NE

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Posted Date 2/01/2024
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Responsible for safe and efficient construction installation, modification, commissioning, maintenance, operation of lines, telecommunications, and substation equipment in both energized and de-energized states. Responsible for directing, coordinating, training and monitoring others in all types of construction and maintenance of electrical equipment in substations.

Note: There is one position available, and the position will be filled at one of five job grade levels: Substation Construction Electrician I, job grade T2; Substation Construction Electrician II, job grade T3; Substation Construction Electrician III, job grade T4, Substation Construction Electrician IV, job grade T5, or Journey Level Substation Construction Electrician, job grade T6. This decision will be based on the qualifications and experience of the candidate selected, and Tri-State business needs at the time of hire.

Tri-State recognizes the value of a highly-engaged and committed workforce and provides an excellent benefits program that includes: Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Tuition Reimbursement, Flexible Work Schedules including compressed work week and telecommuting opportunities to work remotely up to 50%, Life Insurance, 401K, Long Term Disability (LTD), Short Term Disability (STD), Employee Assistant Program (EAP) and Paid Leave Benefits.

Journey Level Substation Construction Electrician

Hiring Wage: $56.79

Substation Construction Electrician IV

Hiring Wage: $51.51-$54.08

Substation Construction Electrician III

Hiring Wage: $46.72-$49.05

Substation Construction Electrician II

Hiring Wage: $42.37-$44.49

Substation Construction Electrician I

Hiring Wage: $38.43-$40.35


  • Responsible for the construction installation, modification, commissioning or maintenance of all components associated with the operation of lines, telecommunications and substations, both energized and de-energized.
  • Responsible for directing, coordinating, training and monitoring others in all types of construction and maintenance of electrical equipment in substations
  • Completes work order assignments, interprets prints, and prepares daily time sheets, material tickets, field test reports, and all associated compliance documentation as required.
  • Leads and directs the work of the crew for the routing and execution of assigned jobs, and plans and lays out the specific work assignments on the job.
  • Maintains a CPR and first-aid certification and performs CPR and first-aid, as required.
  • Responsible for observing safety rules and for the observance of safety rules by all co-workers.
  • Maintains a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and operates automotive equipment from pickups to large oversized vehicles.
  • Sets up safe clearance on lines and equipment with System Operators and operating personnel.
  • Responsible for appraising condition of the substation equipment, such as transformers, switchgear, switchboards, associated electrical control systems, wiring, busses, and related equipment, while performing regular duties and for advising the Substation Construction Electrical Foreman of any defects or conditions that need attention.
  • Responsible for prompt restoration of service during outage.
  • Responsible for all components of Substation Electrical construction, testing, checkout, and commissioning.
  • Responsible for having all equipment commissioned or maintained in ready-working condition.
  • Performs any other work of equal or lessor skill within the capabilities of the individual to meet emergencies or other operating needs.
  • Adhere to and demonstrate compliance with appropriate electric utility industry regulatory requirements. Attain knowledge and remain knowledgeable of development in regulations, laws, standards and best practices applicable to the functional area including, but not limited to, Standards of Conduct, Environmental, Employment Law, NERC Reliability Standards and Safety. Must be familiar with, and comply with, all aspects of Corporate Policy C-54, Compliance.
  • Demonstrate behavior consistent with Tri-State's culture embodied in the Cooperative principles and spirit and core values of technical competency, respect and dignity, accountability, integrity, trustworthiness, and servant leadership to empower or otherwise enable others to optimally perform their job responsibilities. Demonstrate and promote ethics and behaviors consistent with Tri-State's culture, Board policies, and business practices. Understand and fulfill the role and responsibility for all compliance programs within the company.
  • Because Tri-State is an electric utility with continuous service obligations to its customers, regular, reliable, and predictable performance of the essential functions and responsibilities is an essential function of the job.
  • Because Tri-State has an obligation to provide continuous, reliable electric service to its customers, the ability to work overtime at any time of the day or week is considered an essential function of the job.

Education/Training and Experience:
  • Six (6) years of combined education and experience in the electrical and electronic field. This would consist of:
    • The equivalent of technical training received in an Associate Degree Program in Electrical Technology with advanced studies in industrial electrical and electromechanical controls and digital systems control logic;
  • Four (4) years of practical experience and/or be able to demonstrate knowledge in maintenance of industrial electrical electromechanical control equipment which must include:
    • Two (2) years and/or the equivalent knowledge of electric power substation apparatus maintenance experience involving testing of power transformers, testing and repairing of power circuit breakers and electrical insulation system testing and repair.
    • Two (2) years and/or the equivalent knowledge of practical experience in testing, calibrating and repairing protective relay devices and revenue meters;
  • Must be capable of satisfactorily interpreting electrical schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams and control logic.
Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:
  • Willingness and ability to work extra and irregular hours as the utility needs may require, and be willing to work under unusual or special working conditions; storms, extreme temperatures, winds, darkness, similar working conditions.
  • Possess a considerable degree of skill to perform work by following standard methods and procedures as well as the ability to plan and perform a sequence of operations or duties when standards or recognized methods are inapplicable or are not suitable.
  • Ability to exercise judgment in making frequent decisions and regularly directing a group or workers.
  • Have knowledge of the layout and characteristics of Tri-State's system and conventions used throughout the electric power industry.
  • Ability to apply artificial respiration and render practical first aid.
  • Must reside within a 60 minute response time of the base location.
  • Willingness to travel up to 95% of working time, including overnight travel.
  • Must have satisfactory work record.
  • Have good health and physical abilities adequate for strenuous work.
  • Must possess a valid driver license.
  • Must be able to demonstrate that he or she can perform all of the essential functions of the position.
Note: The above requirements describe the experience and education qualifications for the JL Substation Construction Electrician. Those with less experience will be hired at the Substation Construction Electrician I, II, III, or IV job grade level, as appropriate.

About Us

Tri-State is a wholesale power supply cooperative, operating on a not-for-profit basis, with 45 members, including 42 utility electric distribution cooperative and public power district members in four states: Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. Together with its members, Tri-State delivers reliable, affordable and responsible power and energy services to more than a million electricity consumers across nearly 200,000 square miles of the West.

Tri-State was founded in 1952 by its member systems to provide a reliable, cost-based supply of electricity. Headquartered in Westminster, Colo., approximately 1,200 people are employed by Tri-State across five states.

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