Journeyman Electrician - Solar Power Systems

Ethos Green Power Cooperative | Viroqua, WI

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Posted Date 11/20/2023
Description Job Description
  • Accountabilities
    • Supervision and support of some Electrical Department employees.
      • Training and reviewing Electrical Apprentices in collaboration with Electrical Coordinator as applicable.
      • Creation, implementation, and enforcement of departmental policies in collaboration with Electrical Coordinator.
      • Support of Electrical Apprentices, Journeymen, and Master Electricians in their pursuit of the highest quality electrical installations in any way needed.
    • Solar Power System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
      • Troubleshooting system errors and fault conditions.
      • Understanding how different fault conditions can present themselves, and how to resolve them with minimal inconvenience to the customer.
      • How to service solar PV systems, and replace damaged or faulty componentry.
    • Expert understanding of regulatory constraints and appropriate application of various electrical designs and approaches.
      • Ability to correctly size overcurrent protection, conduit, and wiring.
      • Understanding which wiring methods are permissible based on the environmental conditions and applicable code regulations.
      • Understand how NFPA 70 sections 690 (Solar PV Systems), 705 (Interconnected Electric Power Production Sources), and 706 (Energy Storage) apply to Ethos projects.
      • Understanding of correctly sizing battery based energy storage systems (interconnected or stand alone), and best design practices for installing these systems.
    • Job Preparedness
      • Ensuring the Electrical Department has everything it needs to execute daily operations.
    • Job Site Supervision
      • Supervision and support of Electrical Department employees on the job site.
      • Operational supervision of Electrical Department employees to ensure that system designs are installed as planned in collaboration with Operations Integrator, Electrical Coordinator, Project Planner, Mechanical Coordinator and/or Install Crew Lead.
    • Regulatory Expertise
      • Acting as job site expert and resource to Electrical Department employees with regard to all regulatory requirements within which the Electrical Department functions.
      • Timely communication of all known regulatory requirement changes to appropriate Electrical Department employees.
    • Regulatory Risk Management and Avoidance
      • Ensuring all Electrical Department activities are in keeping with regulatory requirements within which it operates.
      • Ensuring any areas of Electrical Department operations, where risk of regulation violation(s) is clearly present, are immediately attended to and remediated without delay.
    • Safety
      • Ensuring that daily job site safety evaluation meetings happen with the Electrical Department employees in keeping with the Ethos Safety Policy.
      • Ensuring any injuries and/or near misses are recorded and reported properly in keeping with the Ethos Safety Policy.
      • Ensuring all records are kept and submitted properly in keeping with the Ethos Safety Policy.
      • Continual observation and improvement of safety conditions under which Electrical Department employees work.
        • Regular reviews and updates to Ethos Safety Policy in response to changing conditions in the field and changing solutions/technologies available, in collaboration with Electrical Coordinator.
    • Respectful and Professional Communication
      • Customers
      • Ethos Employees
        • Making sure everyone who needs to know is informed about all applicable matters.
        • Pursuing answers and understanding where expertise lies in various areas of the company.
        • Offering help in other areas of the company when available, and pursuing added knowledge to expand personal understanding of all areas of Ethos operations.
        • Active participation in and contribution to The Ethos Process through inquiry, open communication, and collaboration.
    • Adherence to and support of Ethos internal policies and laws, rules, and regulations within which Ethos operates.
    • Working within and maintaining Ethos organizational systems.
      • Understanding and maintaining customer and job information within existing systems and structures (CRM, digital and paper files, etc).
      • Effective management of personal schedule and time off needs through use of time off request system.
    • Improvement
      • Observing existing systems and making changes to processes and procedures in collaboration with other stakeholders.
    • Safety
      • Understanding, and adhering to, Ethos Safety Policy and other prudent safety practices in performance of duties in every situation and environment in which duties are performed.
    • Other tasks and responsibilities as directed.
  • Competencies
    • Ethos Green Power Cooperative Core Focus and Core Value Alignment
    • Organizational Skills
    • Professional Work Ethic
    • Applicable Computer/Software Skills and Experience
    • Time Management Skills and Experience
    • Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
    • Aptitude for Learning New Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Direct and Electronic Communication Skills
  • Physical/Psychological Requirements
    • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
    • Must be able to lift 50 Lbs.
    • Dynamism/Flexibility
    • Creativity
    • Openness
    • Patience
Salary30.00 Hour
Per Diem

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