Heavy Equipment Operator-Slope Groomer 23.24

Dodge Ridge Corp. | Pinecrest, CA

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Posted Date 2/22/2024
Description Summary of Job Purpose

The Snow Cat Operator is responsible for grooming of the Slopes at Dodge Ridge to provide the best Skiing/snowboarding surface possible for our guests under the direction of the Slope Grooming Manager. This Position is a key and important member of the Dodge Ridge team. This position typically works the night shift (shift is 10:00pm-8:00am) and requires an extremely detail oriented, experienced, safety conscious and responsible candidate.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

This job description is intended as a summary of the primary responsibilities of and the qualifications for the position. The job description is not intended to be inclusive of all duties an individual in the position might be asked to perform or of all the qualifications that may be required now or in the future. We will not ask you to perform a task that is inherently unsafe or that you are not adequately trained to perform. When we do ask for your assistance with any job we expect an enthusiastic and cooperative response.


  1. Snow Cat Operation
  2. Perform all duties and responsibilities with a "safety first" attitude when running all machinery. Complete all tasks with the proper knowledge and use of safety equipment.
  3. Groom the snow on the mountain according to the proper grooming procedures and with the proper implements.
  4. Operate the slope grooming machines in a safe and proper manner at all times and in a variety of terrain and snow conditions.
  5. Provide feedback for Vehicle Maintenance Dept. about equipment.

  1. Assist with lift evacuations.
  2. Working knowledge of emergency plan.
  3. Shoveling snow, sometimes deep, heavy wet snow weighing more than 50 lbs. per shovel full. Heavy and awkward lifting of items up to 50 lbs. Walking and working on uneven ground, deep powder, icy and wet surfaces.
  4. Provide timely and accurate information concerning park conditions and their open and closed status.
  5. Maintain a neat and orderly work place in the shop and in grooming equipment.
  6. Assist grooming department on an as need and as available basis.
  7. Must wear the appropriate safety equipment for the task being performed

Job Qualifications

  • Ability to safely operate equipment in all weather conditions
  • Knowledge of basic hydraulic systems.
  • Ability to write legibly and to use good composition skills to complete maintenance records.
  • Good manual and physical dexterity.
  • Ability to learn park locations and grooming patterns.
  • Ability to learn Dodge Ridge Safety Plan.
  • Able to work in tight spaces such as in and around snow grooming equipment.
  • Ability to learn and be knowledgeable of the needs of the equipment and standard procedures for its care and safe operation.
  • Safe operation of snow cats.
  • Ability to lift heavy objects weighing 50 lbs or more.
  • Ability to set goals and see them through to their completion.
  • Ability to work well with others and to work independently.
  • Knowledge of safe and responsible tool usage and techniques.
  • Knowledge of proper and responsible radio usage.
  • Must posses a valid driver's license and meet the Motor Vehicle Record qualifications as outlined in the Fleet Safety Program.
Job Attitudes

  • Provide a positive and helpful attitude towards all our customers and all Dodge Ridge employees.
  • Support the Company's policies and procedures.
  • Support the harmony and goodwill of the Company.
  • Be an effective team leader and motivator for the department.
Work Schedules

Weather conditions and the number of guests play a large role in the work scheduling of Dodge Ridge employees.

When conditions are normal, you may be expected to work up to 48 hours per week, including weekends and holidays. During busy periods, you may be expected to work six (6) days a week.

You must arrange for transportation to work so that you arrive at your designated workstation at the scheduled time. Keep in mind that you will often be required to drive on hilly, snowpacked, and icy road surfaces.

Working Conditions

At any time during the ski season, Dodge Ridge employees are often required to perform their tasks in high winds, heavy snowfalls, low visibility, rain, and extremely cold or warm temperatures.

Work is typically outside working with other resort staff members and it can be noisy. It can be cold, wet, or humid. You may be expected to work in high places. You will be working around moving objects. At times you may be inside your vehicle.


A professional appearance at Dodge Ridge is required. Please wear your name tag and uniform at all times during your scheduled shift. We will provide most of the uniform for you to do your job. However, you will be required to provide some items as part of your job, as listed below. The quality, color, and style of the items must be approved by your manager prior to being worn to work. All hats worn must have the Dodge Ridge logo while on shift.

Items You Must Provide

  • Watch
  • Gloves
  • Knife
  • Warm boots with Vibram soles
Salary21.50 Hour
Equipment Operator
Per Diem

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