Mechanical Engineer

Architect of the Capitol | Washington, DC

Posted Date 3/26/2020
Salary $86,335 to $133,465 per year



The Engineer will provide technical assistance to evaluate and recommend specifications, oversee and perform design services and perform construction inspections for various highly complex engineering projects with an emphasis on the mechanical infrastructure systems in the power plant and utility distribution system.

The distribution system distributes steam and chilled water from the CPP to the Government Printing Office (GPO), Union Station, Library of Congress and the Capitol Campus (House and Senate Office Buildings, the Capitol Building, the Capitol Visitor Center, U.S. Botanic Garden and the Supreme Court).

The Engineer will perform progressively more complex and responsible functions on a gradual basis leading to the full performance level.

Major Duties:

Project Planning and Project Management

  • Participates in construction and renovation projects with progressively more responsibility on a gradual basis from conception through completion as directed by CPP management. Establishes the scope of work, advising on the selection of consultants, coordinating consultants' efforts with AOC staff and resolving operational, design and construction problems.
  • Provides technical expertise to evaluate and recommend specifications and proposals for various Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) and plant engineering projects.
  • Applies mechanical engineering knowledge and techniques to observe, examine, measure, analyze, map and describe mechanical engineering applications and problems.
  • Performs mechanical engineering planning and design by determining systems requirements, surveying the construction site, preparing designs, specifications and estimates.
  • Conducts practical research applying theoretical knowledge of the fields of mechanical engineering to actual problems of maintenance and construction. Follows agency engineering policies, standards and criteria concerning the application of theories of mechanical engineering mechanics including pressure, flow, energy, distribution of stresses resulting from load and strength of materials.
  • Develops and coordinates programs for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of facilities with which mechanical engineering are concerned. Studies problems inherent in maintaining and renovating tunnels and buildings of historic significance under the CPP jurisdiction.

Contractor Oversight

  • Serves as Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR). Prior to project performance, reviews plans, specifications and cost estimates for technical adequacy. During project performance, assists contractors in interpreting technical requirements; recommends changes in contract terms to the Contracting Officer; monitors and evaluates contractor performance; reviews contractor invoices; recommends corrective actions; and inspects and accepts contract deliverables. Assesses compliance with technical documents during the course of facility construction. Ensures conformance to plans, specifications, codes, standards, engineering best practices and customer requirements. Investigates and reports on matters of concern with contractors which may lead to formal claims by the contractor.
  • Works with design consultants, project managers, construction contractors and Jurisdiction officials to resolves problems or conflicts impeding progress. Works with Contracting Officer to negotiate contract specification and design changes with Jurisdiction representatives, consultants and contractors. Investigates requests for contract change orders. Considers work site conditions, field measurements and computations and local labor rates.
  • Computes periodic payments to contractors based on review of contractors' cost breakdowns, progress data, materials and equipment used and survey reports. Coordinates with District of Columbia government and Federal agencies, e.g., OSHA, EPA, to ensure that construction operations are in compliance with safety and environmental regulations and standards.

Technical Advice and Guidance

  • Provides guidance, technical advice and consultation to lower-grade employees and specialists within the CPP in the performance of related assignments. Contributes to the resolution of technical difficulties that are amenable to changes in approach, criteria or requirements. Conducts studies to develop criteria for situations encountered during field inspections.
  • Facilitates the resolution of project related issues and concerns that arise at the CPP Management level. Acts as the CPP's focal point for scope, schedule and budget concerns. Provides timely and accurate responses to CPP Management questions. Helps prioritize CPP's work and facilitates monthly meetings with CPP Management and other AOC organizations.
  • Follows applicable AOC and OSHA safety rules, regulations and standard operating procedures to ensure that work progresses in a safe manner. Must ensure the use of any required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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