Able Bodied Seamen

Ameri-Force | Great Lakes, IL

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Posted Date 5/15/2023

Immediate openings for Licensed Able Bodied Seaman to safely operate and work on-board commercial free-flowing, self -unloading dry bulk cargo vessels on the Great Lakes.

The AB Deck Utility assists deck officers with many vessel operations including operating mooring winches, opening/closing hatch covers, rinsing cargo holds, securing and clearing anchors, relieving Wheelsmen, standing boarding ladder watch, and other duties as directed.

Candidates Duties:

1. Safety of the ship and crew

  • A daily, visible effort and leadership role in all aspects of vessel operations to promote.
  • Enforcement and compliance with the Company’s Safety Policy, procedures, response plans and application laws and regulations.
  • Safe working practices and conditions.
  • Identification and elimination of hazards through inspections and reporting near misses in the Company’s Near Miss Reporting system.
  • Satisfactorily participate in training and orientation through the Company’s “Stop, Talk, Proceed” program (also known as: “STP”).
  • Satisfactorily participates in drills and exercises.

2. Sound environmental practices

  • Complies with applicable environmental laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Satisfactorily participate in training and drills to support the Company’s efforts to protect the environment.
  • Conducts inspections and reports actual or potential pollution incidents, including sheens in the water and oil or hazardous substances on deck, to the officer on watch immediately.

3. Efficient Vessel Operations

  • Will be considered a watch stander in the Deck Department when watches are established but may be assigned as a day worker when established watches are augmented.
  • Performs work in the Deck Department when assigned:
  • When assigned to watches in the Deck Department, maintains vigilant watch on the bridge or on deck during assigned hours in open or restricted waters and reports all sightings to the officer on watch or Master. Follows Master's standing orders.
  • Steers the vessel at the direction of the Mate on watch or Master when required.
  • Participates in tying up vessel, handling lines on deck and on dock, shifting and operating mooring winches.
  • Handles hatch covers, including operating hatch crane to open/close/shift hatch covers, open or secure hatch clamps.
  • Primarily responsible for operating unloading boom.
  • Operates ballast system if required.
  • Stands security watch at boarding ladders and maintains security log as required.
  • Operates incinerator.
  • Rinses cargo holds, secures, clears and cleans anchors and anchor chain.
  • Cleans cargo residue and shovels spillage wherever it occurs on deck or in the tunnel.
  • Assists in repair and maintenance of vessel deck equipment and machinery, including chipping and painting.
  • Takes on and stores all stores and supplies.
  • Cleaning throughout the vessel.
  • Assists in activities related to the activating (a.k.a. “fit out”) or deactivating (a.k.a. “layup”) of the vessel as directed.
  • Any other vessel responsibilities within the scope of their certification and ability.

Candidate Requirements:

  • USCG Merchant Mariners Credential with Able Seaman endorsement.
  • US Department of Homeland Security Transportation Worker Identification Credential (“TWIC”).
  • US Coast Guard issued Medical Certificate or a US Coast Guard Application for a Medical Certificate CG Form-719K.
  • US Passport.
  • Must pass a drug screen and background check.
Salary23.39 Hour
Hrs per week
Project length
45-60 Days

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