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Saulsbury | Tioga, ND

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Posted Date 9/13/2022

Licensed Journey Electricians

Location: Tioga, North Dakota

Type: Full Time


Saulsbury is seeking North Dakota Licensed Journeyman or Master Electricians for a project in Tioga, ND.

$55.00 per hour, $150/day per diem, days worked (active license holders only). Current schedule is 6-10’s.

Contact information is listed below.


General Information/Job Summary

The Licensed Electrician installs, maintains, and repairs a variety of electrical equipment. The License Electrician troubleshoots equipment in order to determine proper methods and materials necessary for maintenance and repair. They are responsible for knowing and following appropriate safety procedures in order to make safety checks and conduct safety meetings, and for coordinating with operation personnel regarding permits and clearances to initiate maintenance and repair activities.


Under general supervision, installs, services, and maintains all types of electrical systems including power distribution substations, computer, coaxial communication circuits, fiber optics system, instrumentation systems, fire alarm circuits, lighting circuits. Provides basic instruction to supervised employees.


Provides own basic hand tools.



  • Determines methods and materials needed to accomplish assigned maintenance, repair or construction.

  • Eye-hand coordination.

  • Performs lock-out and tag-out procedures to secure switch gear and deactivate equipment and checks local switch point to ensure proper lock-out procedures are used.

  • Dismantles equipment or devices to gain access to and remove defective parts or components.

  • Troubleshoots, inspects, and maintains equipment.

  • Uses various types of test equipment such as ammeters, voltmeters, and ohmmeters.

  • Makes emergency electrical repairs, trouble shoots malfunctions and breakdowns; inspects work in progress and completed work for defects, fire hazards or other unsafe conditions.

  • Familiar with the use of various types of conduits and fittings, cables, insulators, and other equipment.

  • Works from electrical schematics, plans, and specifications in accordance with established procedures

  • Removes and replaces operating equipment.

  • Performs miscellaneous tasks that require manually moving materials, tools, and equipment and using hand tools and power tools.

  • Performs work area clean-up and safety-related duties.

  • Completes paperwork documenting repair and maintenance activities.

  • Communicates with various personnel concerning initiation of maintenance.

  • Required to follow any other job-related instructions and perform any other job-related duties requested by supervisor or designated representative.

  • Requires working in operating facilities and observing and abiding by additional safety policies and procedures.

  • Terminate controls and power cables.

  • Install conduit

  • Gives suitable assignments to helpers

  • Other duties as assigned



  • Four (4) years of experience in the heavy industrial industry

  • Possess valid drivers’ license with a good driving record

  • Knowledge of National Electric Code and basic safety practices

  • Journeyman Electrician State License


Safety Requirements

  • On a continual basis, promotes an awareness of environmental, health and safety policies to ensure a safe working environment and ensures compliance with all accompany policies

  • Ability to pass drug test as mandated by the Saulsbury Industries and Department of Transportation anti-drug program

  • Must attend and successfully complete Saulsbury Industries safety training education

  • Attends safety meetings and specialty training as directed by management

  • Attends various training classes as may be assigned by management

  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required

  • Ability to take needed safety precautions in performing the work

  • Fire Resistant Clothing (FRC)


Physical Requirements

  • Manual and finger dexterity.

  • Eye-hand coordination.

  • Depth perception.

  • Ability to see things clearly that are beyond arm’s reach. (Far visual acuity)

  • Ability to see small detail.

  • Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.

  • Must be able to work at heights above 20 feet. (Aerial lifts)

  • Ability to climb 30-foot ladders without resting.

  • Ability to maintain balance on catwalks and narrow workspaces.

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time.

  • Ability to reach above the head while sitting or standing.

  • Ability to reach below knees while standing.

  • Ability to stoop or kneel.

  • Ability to work at least 50 each week.

  • Ability to work at heights.


Cognitive Requirements

  • Reading comprehension skill to understand work orders, written instructions, technical manuals, safety procedures, and parts catalogs

  • Mathematical skill to perform basic calculations

  • Oral communication skills for routine and technical information exchange with coworkers, supervisors, or other personnel

  • Skill in using hand signals

  • Knowledge of basic electrical safety practices and principles

  • Knowledge of the problems, equipment, and techniques involved in installing, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining cables, wiring, motors generators, pumps, switchboards, oil machinery, and circuits

  • Mechanical ability to understand the operation of electrical circuits and perform major equipment repairs

  • Ability to evaluate work conditions and quality, and to make decisions regarding course of actions (decision making)

  • Ability to communicate with others and to assimilate and understand information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions


Temperament Attributes

  • Interpersonal skills to cooperate with co-workers, supervisors, and members of other crafts

  • Ability to work under time pressure

  • Ability to make sound decisions in a manner consistent with the essential job functions

  • Ability to understand, remember, and carry out oral and written directions

  • Ability to take needed safety precautions in performing the work

  • Responds to request to work overtime when conditions warrant and directed by management


Work Environment

Employees in this position must be able to perform under the following conditions:

  • Awkward or confining workspaces

  • High places

  • Out-of-door environment

  • Noisy Environment

  • Dirty Environment

  • Air contamination (dust, fumes, etc.)


Employment with Saulsbury is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a background check.


Please submit your interest by supplying your name, contact number, and experience to: or text the information to (432)924-3966, (432)582-5291 or (432)381-8727.

Salary55.00 Hour
Per Diem
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