126-250 ton Conventional Crane Operator - CSI

Crane Services | Sweetwater, TX

Posted Date 12/04/2019

 The Crane Operator is responsible for all phases of safely operating a 126-250 ton conventional crane within the guidelines of all federal regulation standards as well as company standards.  

Essential Position Functions and Responsibilities:   

  • Must maintain NCCCO License.  
  • Be completely familiar with the operator’s manual, load charts, plotting charts and understand all notes and warnings on the above listed charts.  
  • Be able to determine the safe working capacities of the crane and rigging used.  
  • Responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the crane. This includes keeping a daily inspection log and notifying the proper persons of any mechanical or safety deficiencies.  
  • Maintain a current monthly inspection log.  
  • Complete JSA- Job Safety Analysis – detailed and documented job study to identify all hazards on the job site to prevent accidents.  
  • Supervising and training the oiler/rigger.  
  • Check for adequate site preparation. This includes adequate ground compaction, level site, overhead power lines, or any other condition that may affect safe operation.  
  • Reviewing and discussing the planned operations and hoisting requirements with the site supervisor. This includes rigging weight and capacity, load weight, load placement, parts of line required and any other safety factors involved.  
  • Check load charts for sufficient capacity for every lift.  
  • Determining the best combination of boom, jib and crane configuration according to site and load requirements.  
  • Assembling, setting up and rigging the crane properly.  
  • Follow manufactures operating instructions and load charts considering any factors that might reduce capacity and reducing load accordingly.  
  • Maintain communication with signal person.  
  • Ensure oiler is in a safe place during operation.  
  • Operating in a smooth, controlled, and safe manner at all times.  
  • Moving the crane.  
  • Shutting down and securing the machine properly when it is unattended.  
  • Perform routine normal maintenance and any other maintenance needed.  
  • Maintain DOT log book if needed.  
  • Follow all company policies and guidelines.   

Qualifications Must have a current Class-A CDL driver’s license and meet current DOT physical requirements. Must have NCCCO or equivalent. Be able to drive various types of trucks as needed. General knowledge of the crane including controls, functions, limitations and general operating characteristics. Must be able to read, write, and communicate in the English language. Must possess and use good interpersonal skills and have the ability to interact well with customers and co-workers in a positive and constructive manner.  

Physical Demands Involves essential ability to climb around, on and under cranes in order to properly inspect and assure the crane is assembled and disassembled properly. Must have the ability to kneel, stoop, reach, and to push and pull. 

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