1st Class Shipfitter

HUTCO, Inc. | Pascagoula, MS

Posted Date 6/30/2020

Must have 5 + years ship yard experience.

Must be able to read blue prints.

Must be able to pass a drug screen and physical.

Must be able to work DAY or NIGHT shift

Job Description

Lay out and fabricate metal structural parts, such as plates, bulkheads, frames, and braces them in position within hull of ship for welding.

Lays out position of parts on metal, working from blueprints or templates and using scribe and handballs.

Locates and marks reference lines, such as center, buttock, and frame lines.

Aligns parts in relation to each other, using jacks, turnbuckles, clips, wedges and mauls.

Marks location of holes to be drilled and installs temporary fasteners to hold part in place for welding.

Installs packing, gaskets, liners and structural accessories and members, such as doors, hatches, brackets and clips.

May tack weld clips and brackets in place prior to permanent welding.

Rig chainfalls


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