Turn Around Planner - 1

Competentia | Belle Chasse, LA

Posted Date 4/14/2021

Turn Around Planner

Location: Belle Chasse, LA

Duration: 1 to 1.5 years


TA Planners are responsible to accomplish the following items, while eliminating barriers that might cause issues/delays. The Planning Lead will organize, manage and assign the work as needed to facilitate all objectives.

  • Pre-Turnaround Items that the TA Planning Group is Responsible/ Accountable to ensure occur and/or are ready are:
  • Completing all information in IPS for each scope item per the Planner Onboarding Sheet and Work Package Consistency documents (complete packages T-6 months prior to the scheduled TA start date).
  • Development of comprehensive job steps for each scope item with all disciplines and hours clearly defined and consistent.
  • Uploading of all documents needed for every scope item, following the conventions set forth in the previously mentioned onboarding and consistency documents. Download documents from SAP notifications, find in evergreen folders or have produced by draftsmen/engineering as required.
  • Completing BOM’s within IPS, field checking ALL materials and including as many SAP numbers as possible.
  • Assisting the Planning Lead as needed in making contractor work assignments.
  • Assisting the Planning Lead as needed in developing the TA cost estimates.
  • Working with the TA Material Requisitioner to ensure that all materials are ordered and will arrive to site meeting milestones.
  • Working with the Logistics Coordinator in establishing TA material receipt, storage, custody transfer and control, TA issuing, and return of surplus materials.
  • Reviewing work packages to ensure that worklist items that are interconnected or in very close proximity are identified so decisions may be made on execution efficiencies and proper schedule links established.
  • Identifying and coordinating all asbestos insulation and lead paint related work with Contractor Representatives and tracking/reporting completion by T-4 months.
  • Coordinating and scheduling rental equipment in concert with Logistics Coordinator complete at T-4 months.
  • Coordinating with the scheduling team to develop the TA Critical Path Schedule (complete T-8 months prior to the scheduled TA start date).
  • Assisting with the development of the complete P6 schedule with all logic ties. Optimize schedule through meetings with TA Coordinators and Operations Team. Baseline schedule prior to Execution. Push current plans back into IPS and capture all changes to plans in schedule.
    Turnaround EXECUTION (“Go Time”) Items that the TA Planning Group is
    Accountable/Responsible to:
  • Validate 36 hour look-ahead schedules to be updated daily and drive schedule updates
    throughout execution, tracking progress and quickly identifying issues.
  • Assist TA Coordinator group with execution efforts, shifting into equipment coordinator roles
    as necessary.
  • Quickly respond to SCA/discovery items by planning, ordering materials and supplying
    coordinators/contractors with all information needed to execute the scope of work.
  • Work with Project Controls Group to ensure all information is loaded into IPS to properly
    drive cost and timeline tracking.
    Post-Turnaround Items the Turnaround Planning Group is Responsible to:
  • Assuring that all TA Work Orders and Notifications are closed T+3 months after the TA is
  • Reviewing warehouse surplus material from TA’s and assisting the Logistics Coordinator
    with proper usage for TA and disposal.
  • Develop and issue next TA Base Line Worklist T+3 months post the completion of the TA.

Top four Priorities:
1) Safety
2) Quality (Leak Free Startup)
3) Schedule
4) Cost

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