Per Diem Electrican Jobs

Travel construction jobs are some of the highest paying construction jobs in the world of construction. Most of these travel jobs operate within industrial construction. 

Electricians are well paid craft within industrial construction. Looking for Electrician salary information? Electrician pay per hour will vary based on job experience, qualifications, and location. The mean hourly wage for Electricians is $30.44. The median hourly wage for Electricians is $28.87. (According to BLS)

Some of the common job titles for experienced Electrician jobs include: 

  • Electrician 
  • Industrial Electrician 
  • Traveling Electrician 
  • New Construction Electrician 
  • Journeyman Electrician 
  • Master Electrician 

Some of the common job titles for entry-level Electrician jobs include: 

  • Apprentice Electrician 
  • Electrician Helper 

Additionally, job titles can fluctuate widely based on each company’s need for this specialized trade. 

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