Per Diem Welder Jobs

Travel construction jobs are some of the highest paying construction jobs in the world of construction. Most of these jobs operate within the segment of industrial construction.  

The job of a welder is one of the highest paying construction jobs in industrial construction. Highly skilled and experienced welders can easily earn six-figure incomes.  

Companies hire welders with various experience levels to execute these common types of welding processes: 

  • TIG welding (GTAW welding) 
  • Flux cored welding (FCAC welding) 
  • Stick welding (SMAW welding) 
  • MIG welding (GMAW welding) 

Some of the common job titles of industrial construction welders include: 

  • Structural Welders 
  • Pipe Welders 
  • Tube Welders 
  • Combo welders 

Additionally, job titles can fluctuate widely based on each company’s need for this specialized trade. 

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