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On-Demand Access to Proven Craftsmen

With more than 150 staffing and recruiting offices, Tradesmen International will tailor a skilled staffing solution built to:

  • Deliver craftsmen for short-term, long-term and peak season projects
  • Maximize Workforce Productivity
  • Eliminate the costs of adding permanent payroll
  • Reduce your Workers’ Compensation exposure 

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In 1992, the face of construction labor support was the conventional “temporary labor staffing  solution.” But that face was about to change.

A commercial electrical contractor in Northeast Ohio, Joseph O. Wesley, had recognized first-hand the vast need for a new construction staffing paradigm: one in which a contingent construction labor force of superior quality could supplement a contractor’s core workforce in order to level out workload peaks and valleys, and better match workload to workers. To achieve it, Mr. Wesley founded Tradesmen International. Two decades later, the company has assembled what is recognized as North America’s premier construction workforce, providing thousands of high-caliber, safety-minded craftsmen to businesses across the industrial spectrum.

Our Mission

Tradesmen’s mission is to partner with our clients, never losing sight of our own roots in contracting to help each client complete their projects on time, on or under budget, with the highest levels of safety, quality and construction labor productivity.

Our Founding Goals

Tradesmen International was established in 1992 and quickly matured in the construction market by committing to three distinct goals:

  • Improve clients’ overall construction labor productivity while efficiently servicing their contingent construction labor needs
  • Provide America’s skilled craftsmen reliable work, fair compensation and benefits, opportunities for skill and career growth, as well as safer overall working conditions
  • Help maintain and elevate the high levels of pride and craftsmanship that are the traditional hallmarks of the skilled construction trades


Safety is Tradesmen International’s #1 Core Value.

From the day Tradesmen International was founded, the safety of our field employees has been our top priority. As the company’s national footprint continues to grow, we remain committed to fostering this central principle. Tradesmen knows that qualified and knowledgeable employees are safe employees and all employees have access to on-going safety training opportunities, motivational communications and industry-leading resources to promote safe behavior and prevent accidents among our employees and our clients’ employees.

Our Safety Department is headed by the corporate-based Director of Safety Communications, who oversees our company-wide safety program. This comprehensive program is supported by each member of our team to build and support our safety-minded culture.

We take safety so seriously that OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health training is offered at no cost to all our employees, including our office employees. OSHA 10-Hour training is the cornerstone of a safe, productive and compliant working environment.
Our company’s safety goal is simple, yet significant: Increase Safety Awareness, Maintain Safe Behavior and Prevent Accidents among Our Employees and Our Clients’ Employees.

Rest assured that when any Tradesmen employee steps onto your jobsite, they’ll come prepared with their general personal protective equipment and armed with a solid understanding of general safety practices and a commitment to safety.

Meet with a Tradesmen team member or call 855.723.3844 to learn more about OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety and Health training opportunities.


Also significant, honesty ensures that all clients are treated fairly and know what to expect when working with Tradesmen. With an honest assessment of our employees’ skill levels, we supply our clients with workers who meet or exceed their expectations. If we are unable to meet a specific skill level requested, we’ll notify you immediately and offer logical alternatives. Accuracy in craftsmanship is critical to your productivity and we will never knowingly fill a request with a worker that doesn’t meet your needs.

Customer Responsiveness

Quick response to our client needs sets us apart. We begin by asking questions that enable us to pinpoint the specific skilled labor need. We then select the right people to fulfill it and make sure the skilled craftsmen arrive at the job on time and with their own tools and general PPE. We address any concerns and monitor the job to completion with on-site visits by our field representatives. This level of customer responsiveness increases productivity, making us a valuable partner to the contractors we serve.


Skill training via third-party apprenticeship-style programs is offered to our craft employees on a fee reimbursement perspective based on successful curriculum completion. Our field office personnel are required to participate in on-going training workshops held at our corporate offices. These workshops are truly comprehensive and ensure that those individuals who service your needs understand your business, the particulars of the various trades, and how to assist all sizes of contractors in maximizing their labor productivity while reducing overall labor costs.

Finally, all Tradesmen International employees, whether craftsmen or office staff, are evaluated consistently in order to make certain clients receive service and expertise that exceed expectations.

Tradesmen International lays the foundation by identifying, hiring and training the best people, improving working conditions and using its four Core Values to guide decisions. Each employee is singularly responsible for living these values and representing the company. We prove ourselves everyday by working safely, working with pride, aiming to help clients reduce construction labor costs, doing what we say we’ll do, and responding to our clients’ needs. Future growth depends on this daily demonstration of the values that have characterized this entire company from day one.