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Our goal is to help you obtain employees who best fit your needs. We do this by listening closely to understand your needs and then responding quickly to those needs. Our personal pledge to you is that we will send you the appropriate applicants to meet your needs. To back that up, we offer a first day, 8-hour guarantee on our employees. If you are not satisfied then you will not be charged for that 8-hour time period.

CC, Inc. will provide a working coordinator at no extra charge to you. The coordinator will manage all employment issues, including transportation to and from job, discipline, hiring, firing and all payroll discrepancies.


Our professional staff works closely with your company's representative. We listen carefully to all job description specifics. We find journeymen workers from our nationwide labor pool of 9,000 skilled craftsmen. We have the ability to perform any level of reference and background checks that you request, including drug testing and physicals. We will work to meet your needs.


Our staffing solutions are high-tech but our service definitely has the emphasis of old-fashioned personal service. We emphasize one-to-one, long-term relationships. A key measure of personal services is responsiveness and we pledge to you that we will be responsive to your needs.

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