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  • Competitive Rates
  • Pre-bid Consulting
  • First Day Guarantee
  • In House Training
  • 24 Hour Account Manager Availability
  • Fast Deployment Time Nation Wide
  • Management, Supervisors & Foremen
  • Total Roll Out Crews

The owner of Electrical Alliances, LLC. has been a professional electrician for over 22 years, and currently holds several state licenses.  Having spent most of his career traveling across the United States, he has assisted in the completion of several of the world’s largest projects.  During this time, he has built a superior network of some of the most talented electricians in the world, many of whom he calls friends.

Throughout the years he has learned first-hand the many issues faced by the projects that require leased labor; High Premium rates with false promises, and staffing companies with no knowledge of the requirements that make up a qualified electrician.  Companies would send out someone called an electrician, but when this person arrived they could not even bend an offset.

His frustration at the lack of industry knowledge eventually led him to suggest to the agency he was working with that he could assist in finding higher quality electricians. This one suggestion led him into the business of leased labor, and his current success.  He has obtained this great success in the sales and recruiting side of the market by always delivering what was promised to his clients. Every electrician he sends out is taken care of and compensated a great wage.  Companies are continuously blown away by his talents, dedication to providing quality employees, and his respect for his clients.  Every client, every employee, and every project is handled if they were the only one.

Electrical Alliances was formed with the intent to bring together great companies with a need and highly skilled, quality electricians to fulfill those needs.

"Our sole source of success is our employees. Keep them happy, trained and safe.  In return they will deliver the best the have to offer for our clients and their projects."  Electrical Alliances, LLC

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