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We bring a 21st century approach of being 100% remote.  We aren't compensated until our clients are happy.  Results oriented compensation brings out the best recruiting team and we are living proof!!

Our team consists of both employees of Liaison Placement Services as well as independent contracted recruiters strategically placed all over the country.  All of us are self motivated and are driven by friendly competition.  When we get a new client we handle them professionally, efficiently and treat them like they are family.   Our clients are contacted and build rapport with one account manager.  They will conduct a fact finding consultation to see what the needs are and IF we can help.  Should the manager find it in their best interest they will contact an available recruiter to start working the order.  The team works together and continues to do so until the right candidate is working for the right company!  This prevents too many hands in the pot as well as our clients being inundated with too many resumes/phone calls and emails from multiple sources. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! With us, less is more.  This philosophy is represented in both our business model and our rate/fee structure.  Feel free to follow the link below and learn more!

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