Employer Profile

Mike Postel, CEO of Innerstaff PEO , and Eric Petree, CEO of Perpetual Labor Sourcing (PLS) , have combined their services to offer a full-service HR solution with an emphasis on recruiting manpower for labor intensive companies.
While payroll administration, HR and insurance will always be vital for a company’s success, the booming economy, retiring baby boomers and historic unemployment lows have caused battling labor/talent shortages to be at the forefront of concerns for many businesses.
Innerstaff has successfully operated in Texas as a Professional Employer Organization since 2010. Recent opportunities have allowed Innerstaff to expand its reach to Florida and surrounding Southeastern states.
Having spent their careers in construction and skilled trades, Mr. Postel and Mr. Petree have a unique insight into HR and the importance of a strong labor force. They understand that productivity drives profitability. For that reason, Innerstaff is workforce centric. Innerstaff is designed to not only help clients source labor and talent, but to help clients retain that human capital. Workforce expansion and improvement sows the seeds of growth and prosperity for any labor-intensive company.

PLS recognizes that all companies are unique in structure and goals. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to plan, conform and implement our service.

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