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MCM Summit Skilled Solutions

Our Mission

To provide our clients with safe, qualified, productive skilled mechanics on a national basis which will ensure projects get done on time and within budget, while providing exceptional service and the flexibility to exceed our client’s needs.

We aim to provide our employees with a fair wage, quality benefits package, steady work and a company they can rely on.

Let us provide you with the optimal number of skilled craftsmen and you can stick to bidding and winning more profitable jobs for your company. 

At MCM, we are experts at recruiting, staffing, and construction management. We believe the strong relationships we build ensure we have the best match of tradespeople for each customer’s specific requirements. 
How MCM can help
• Reduce unemployment Insurance
• Reduce Workers Compensation
• Eliminate cost of Hiring and Firing
• Lower Health Care Costs
• Increase Productivity
• OSHA Compliant Safety Training
MCM Summit Skilled Solutions