Employer Profile

Mississippi Prison Industries

We provide realistic work experiences for sentenced, adult offenders residing within Mississippi correctional facilities. This work program gives inmate workers opportunities to obtain valuable skills that will lead to long term sustainability.

We do this by:

  • Providing job training, work experience, and employment skills that can lead to gainful employment upon release thus reducing dependency on criminal activity.

  • Fostering self-esteem through personal accomplishment.

  • Promoting understanding and respect for community values.

  • Developing social skills that can help reduce interpersonal conflict on or off the job.

While in prison, we train offenders to work in quality production processes, industry techniques unique to their work training, warehouse and logistics training, and customer service skills. Additionally, by developing communication skills, the workers learn how to respond to supervision and how to interact within the work environment.

We have multiple sites within various correctional facilities throughout the State, and we are expanding to meet demands in the marketplace. Products are offered through our full-service sales division.

We are a Non-Profit corporation that receives no direct appropriations from the state. MPIC solely operates on the monies generated by the sale of the products it creates, and monies are then reinvested into the corporation (training and certification, transitional support, creating classrooms, supplying teaching materials, etc.). MPIC is able to offer on-the-job training and work experiences to inmate workers because of its independence in generating its own cashflow.

Within our program, Inmates learn trades that gives them marketable skills upon their release. The ultimate goal of MPIC is to have a credible impact on reducing the recidivism rate of the work program participants. The State of Mississippi, local communities, and the families involved all benefit from MPIC’s success.

Mississippi Prison Industries