Employer Profile

Our Vision

Everyone who experiences Seasonal Services will recognize us as the best landscaping company in Southeastern Wisconsin because of our profound, enduring respect for…

  • Our Community – the synergistic relationship we enjoy with our clients, co-workers, suppliers, friends and family… everyone we interact with on a daily basis.
  • Our Craft – the constant striving to provide innovative creations and services that are centered on our commitment to quality.
  • Our Culture – the enthusiasm, teamwork, compassion, dedication, confidence charity and integrity that we exemplify every day.

This recognition will translate into…

  • A unique level of employee, client and supplier commitment.
  • An understanding that innovation and uncompromised quality has added worth.
  • An increased demand and/or interest for our expertise.

Our Values

PATHOS - PASSION – A healthy obsession for something that provides us with tremendous joy and fulfillment. To have significant interests in ones life that provides enjoyment, inspiration and fulfillment.

  • PASSION IS – a boundless enthusiasm for creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.
  • PASSION IS – an enjoyment of working with others who derive fulfillment from their chosen career while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  • PASSION IS - not being afraid to stretch the boundaries of creativeness, efficiency and curiosity

ETHOS - ETHICS – A commitment to conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with positive moral principles. To demonstrate through our actions a profound understanding of the significance of treating others the way we wish to be treated.

  • ETHICS IS - always caring for clients, coworkers and suppliers with respect and honesty.
  • ETHICS IS - a commitment to bettering the environment
  • ETHICS IS - appreciating the concept of team and because of that appreciation we prefer to act in a manner that is unselfish and unified.

LOGOS - LOGIC – An understanding that we make educated choices that are guided by, but not limited by, our past learning experiences. We will always hunger for knowledge no matter how “experienced” we become.

  • LOGIC IS - a commitment to education and sharing our knowledge with others. We actively seek out information and new innovations to improve quality, techniques and efficiencies.
  • LOGIC IS - the exercise of knowledge in a way that allows us to achieve the upper reaches of personal growth and personal success.
  • LOGIC IS - a dedication to applying our knowledge, experiences and common sense so that we may perform consistently at a high level of excellence. 

Culture Statement

We work together within a team environment of mutual respect, honesty and integrity.

We are energetic and knowledgeable and take pride in our work and our company.

We approach our craft with a proactive, positive and enthusiastic attitude and maintain an open environment where creativity and curiosity are encouraged.

We value the opportunity to serve our industry as well as our community.

All of these contributions to the Seasonal Services’ culture are strengthened by the importance we place on family and preserving the healthy balance between professional and personal life.

EmployerBret Achtenhagen Seasonal Services