Employer Profile

Located in North Charleston, SC, CESCO® provides industrial equipment and machinery to industry specializing in dry abrasive & water blast and paint spray equipment, blasting media, safety equipment and supplies, air compressors and pressure washers.

CESCO® opened its doors in 1973 in Charleston, SC where its corporate offices still reside. Over the years, CESCO® has expanded dimensionally in square footage but more importantly in its desire to fully satisfy its client’s needs. CESCO® ships products across the globe, but still endeavors to provide the hometown attitude that its customers have known from the beginning.  To learn more, visit www.blastandpaint.com 

In 1992, CESCO® developed the patented Aqua Miser™ Ultra High Pressure line of Water Blasting Equipment. This revolutionary line of equipment combines 15,000 to 40,000 psi water and the patented B.O.S.S. grit injection system to provide results never before possible. By using different abrasives and blast delivery systems, The Aqua Miser™ offers a wide array of capabilities including quick and effective degreasing and cleaning, removing paint layer by layer or heavy corrosion from surfaces, and achieving a white metal blast like sandblasting. The Aqua Miser™ can accomplish all of this and much more while being environmentally safe. To learn more about The Aqua Miser™ system, visit AquaMiser.com

HeadquartersCharleston, SC
IndustriesSurface Preparation