Employer Profile

Simply put, our craft professionals are elite. They are highly skilled, yet remain humble. They work as a team, but know how to take initiative. They work hard, watch out for each other and build truly incredible projects. Learn why so many stick with us for decades.

Our motto is “don’t be a spectator”, and we reward submissions of ‘good catch’ and ‘near miss’ events. This is not a token reporting system- we get thousands of submittals yearly. With the entire team bought into safety everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. From the day you step foot on a jobsite you will be able to see the priority for safety and how it empowers everyone.

Not only do we provide the training you need to complete the project, we also provide consistent opportunities to improve and advance within the organization. Our superintendents come from the ranks of laborers, carpenters, boilermakers, and more. Moreover, we have had operators become field engineers and field engineers become superintendents. For those who want to grow and have the initiative, you absolutely can.

We value your experience, your expertise, and invite your input into the planning and execution of the project. Our jobsites are notorious for their team involvement. From top to bottom we believe that none of us is as smart as all of us, and that our projects succeed when everyone takes ownership. Your insights matter, and you will be empowered to share them.

EmployerBEC Craft
HeadquartersIndianapolis, IN
IndustriesWastewater/Water Treatment, Industrial, Energy