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Talent Corps

Talent Corps - Strengthening America’s Workforce

Talent Corps is the leading Veteran Owned Company that provides innovative workforce solutions through TALENT. We hire and put to work thousands of talented tradespeople, providing unmatched career opportunities through our leading industry partnerships.

Talent Corps strive to be the very best of the best and our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Teamwork - We trust in each other to be respectful, accountable, and supportive while using our individual strengths to enhance team performance.

Adaptable - At our core, we are flexible and intensely curious. As our industry changes, we are leading the charge through thoughtful and decisive actions which benefit our industry, clients and employees.

Loyal - We are fully dedicated to building and supporting long term trustworthy relationships with our employees, clients, and partners.

Endurance - Being a veteran owned organization created for the people, our elite team navigates through challenges and obstacles with great courage and valor.

Noble - We are an honest, high moral organization that believes in Strengthening Americans Workforce by doing good things for good people.
Transparent - We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency, and we are accountable in all business practices.

Talent Corps

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