Employer Profile

OBR Cooling Towers provides a range of full service cooling tower solutions for many businesses such as: refineries, chemical plants, middle market manufacturers and even small office buildings. 

Our business has two divisions: Service and Construction. The service division focuses on the following: completes inspections; completes maintenance packages; cleans/decontaminates cooling towers; provides service support, logs vibrations; & performs preventative maintenance. The construction division rebuilds/repairs towers; performs project management; trains on cooling towers; performs drafting and engineering; & starts up cooling towers. 

Mission Statement

In an age of technology and speed, the art of custom design and service has lost its way. Our brand focuses on delivering quality service and support to clients with unique processes, infrastructures, and operations. As an organization, it is our number one priority to adapt to the needs of the client. We understand that to truly deliver our brand we have to be diverse in our offerings, manage our structure efficiently, and execute solutions.

Company Values

OBR's core values include executing all projects (#1) safely, (#2) with superior quality, (#3) on schedule and (#4) on budget. Safety is always number 1.

EmployerOBR Cooling Towers, Inc.
HeadquartersNorthwood, OH
IndustriesIndustrial, Construction



OBR Cooling Towers, Inc.