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NEP has built its business over the past 20 years by innovating around the energy and water needs of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs). In fact, the company was started by a multifamily developer looking for a more cost effective and efficient way to install electric in a community versus using a slow, traditional utility.

We proudly provide innovative services on behalf of hundreds of communities with smart infrastructure including hardware, software and integrated smart solutions. These are time tested and proven energy and internet distribution networks.  

As sustainability measures have become a force for good within our society, our platform has evolved. Forward thinking owners now enable their properties with a wide variety of smart IoT technologies. The benefits in terms of cost reduction, building automation, predictive maintenance, sustainability metrics and resident experience can be powerful. Now you can measure, manage, automate and sustain your entire property portfolio in real-time.

Finally, our ability to provide you with all the capex for a project along with a unique suite of value added solutions clearly differentiates our service. The Smart Property Platform is a superior model for future MDU adaptations and sustainability. New construction or retrofit, no other firm provides more NOI and asset value to MDU owners while improving the resident experience.

Contact us today, we’d love to learn more about your communities and explain how we can help.

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