Employer Profile

The management team of RPM has a combined 50 plus years of experience in human resource and recruiting. Many on our team are CSP’s (Certified Staffing Professionals) and bring knowledge of industrial, on-site and construction as an additional expertise. We are OSHA-certified trainers for industry and construction and have our own Safety team. RPM is consistently rated at the top of worker’s comp reviews as one of the few staffing companies that provides safety training for temporary employees before and during assignments.

RPM Staffing Professionals is very different from most staffing companies. We do not send bodies. It is the attention to detail, the technology, the HR experience and the processes and procedures which makes RPM stand out from the competition. There are no other staffing companies that can offer the quality of service and the technology advantage that RPM brings to the table.

Many of our management team has been on the other side of the equation, working for companies in either benefits or human resources. We know what our clients are thinking and we know that each one is looking for a quality employee who is looking for a long-term position. RPM has established our client relationships over the years and we are able to perform to a higher level than many of our competitors as our job is to work as a team with our clients, not just as a vendor based on price.

We always encourage clients and potential clients to pay a visit to RPM and to other prospective staffing companies where the “Teamwork Makes the Difference“ concept will be evident in the comparison. 

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