Employer Profile

LPR Construction Co. (LPR) continues to be an industry leader focusing on organizational excellence through principles such as Safety, Service and Quality. We strive to be the “Best Place to Build” through serving our employees, shareholders and community.

LPR was founded by three entrepreneurs in 1979, primarily as a local steel erector in the Rocky Mountain area. With the goal to provide a quality product and service to our customers at a competitive price, LPR established itself as a premier steel erector throughout the United States.  Since 2005, LPR has expanded their offerings to include Industrial Construction Services and Plant Services to meet their customers’ growing needs nationwide.

Industry Focus Areas:

  • Commercial & Industrial Steel Erection
  • Industrial Construction Services
  • Plant Services

Rocky Turner, one of three founding members, began transitioning LPR to the next generation of leaders when his son, Linc Turner, took over as President of LPR in 2013. Rocky continues to provide guidance as CEO of LPR. LPR has a diverse workforce consisting of employees who have been with LPR from the beginning to new folks with varied degrees of expertise and knowledge that contribute to LPR’s leadership and project success.

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